HyperSense Software asked by US-based research firm, Clutch, for expert opinion on the implementation of Kinvey

The HyperSense Software Team was approached by Clutch, a Washington, DC based research firm to offer our insights into the implementation of Kinvey. Clutch is the leading online provider of app development research. Clutch is currently working to produce extensive research on app development software to help buyers and app development service providers, like HyperSense, identify the right development solution for their needs.Clutch also provides research and reviews on app developers and service providers. Clutch found HyperSense Software to be one of the strongest app developers in Romania so we were happy to provide our experience with Kinvey.Our Kinvey Review is part of a series of interviews on Kinvey as a mobile-as-a-backend solution to help offer future users of Kinvey insight into the pros and cons of the implementation method.Andrei Neacsu, HyperSense Software’s Chief Operating Officer, offered insight into how we have implemented Kinvey as an enterprise solution. Overall, our team came to the conclusion that we are very satisfied with Kinvey, and see it as a perfect solution for client’s that do not have a strong development team. We have used Kinvey for many implementations, it has greatly increased the speed at which are able to deliver projects to our clients. A brief summary of our review is below:

We are excited to be featured on Clutch and leveraged as an expert in our field.