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Rethink the development process, add the human factor into mobile app development: HyperSense Software revamps their service line

by Andrei Neacsu
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Bucharest, Romania, HyperSense Software, a company providing cost-effective mobile application development solutions, announced today the launch of its new service line and new website. With a winning combination of technical expertise and design and development experience, HyperSense Software aims to drive long-term business value for start-ups and innovative business in a broad range of tech industries.

The new development process was rethought and the human factor became HyperSense Software’s main focus point. “We have two major actors we focus on: our client and the user. Our focus is to have a streamlined process for our customers and a great experience for the users.”, said Andrei Neacsu, COO of HyperSense Software. HyperSense starts each project by conducting targeted research. In this phase they diligently analyse what the competitors have done with their apps, they identify what worked and what went wrong and they peace the information together. The next step is tracking the UX and create reliable wireframes because the best apps have a natural feel – user experience comes first. That’s why they pay special attention to tracking the app’s user experience and flow and creating detailed wireframes. HyperSense appreciates the power of outstanding design in creating brand identity and eliciting engagement. Step four is all about mobilising their engineers to identify and use the right technologies to make the app a reality. The process doesn’t end when the product is complete and launched, HyperSense also offers lifecycle management, monitoring and maintenance for maintaining a consistent user experience.

“We are excited about our new website which has a clean uncluttered design, improved functionality and enhanced rich content focused on our company mission to help our partners excel in their line of business by providing them with the best design and development services.”, said Andrei Neacsu, COO of HyperSense Software.

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“We revamped our services focusing on offering product strategy consultancy, UI/UX design, mobile application development and web development to start-ups that want to succeed.”, said Dan Negrea, CEO of HyperSense Software.

About HyperSense Software Company

HyperSense Software is more than a software design and development company, they are a partner, offering consultancy, advice and guidance throughout the whole application’s lifecycle. They are known as being cost-conscious and they recommend solutions that are providing the best cost-value ratio for their customers. HyperSense Software has only in-house designers and developers that work together in their Bucharest office.

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