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HyperSense TechBoost Program –  Spring Cohort and Summer Call

by Gabriela Mihoci
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HyperSense TechBoost Program

This spring marked a pivotal moment for HyperSense Software with the launch of our inaugural TechBoost Program. An innovative initiative designed to bridge the gap between technology and business. Since February, we embarked on a mission to discover forward-thinking companies eager for digital transformation. Today, we proudly introduce five exceptional companies from diverse industries, each ready to make a significant leap through our program.


Omedus - Digital urgent medical response

Revolutionizing urgent medical response with cutting-edge portable medical devices.


C-Surgeries - surgical education through an interactive platform

Innovating in surgical education through an interactive platform and peer-reviewed video content.

Farmers & Robots

farmers and robots - Cultivating sustainable agriculture with intelligent robotics

Cultivating sustainable agriculture with intelligent robotics.


Helixomic - Democratizing personalized medicine through innovative genomics

Democratizing personalized medicine through innovative genomics.

Parking AI

Parking AI - Simplifying the parking experience with smart technology

Simplifying the parking experience with smart technology and seamless payments.

A Closer Look at the Journey and Progress of Our Innovators

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we dive into the stories of our TechBoost Spring Cohort. Through our emails and social media updates, we’ll bring you in-depth insights into their innovative projects and unique challenges. As they navigate the TechBoost Program, we’ll highlight their advancements and breakthroughs, showcasing how our tailored support and resources are fueling their journey towards innovative success.

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What is the TechBoost Program 

Our TechBoost Program, valued at $8,000, is offered at no cost and includes the development of a dynamic, clickable prototype. Guided by HyperSense’s expert team, this prototype is crafted to fit each business’s unique needs, aiding in concept validation or growth and serving as a practical tool for engaging stakeholders.

Who is this for

Growth-Phase Companies

As part of our Spring Cohort, we have growth-phase companies transitioning from standard solutions to custom platforms tailored to their unique needs. TechBoost is guiding them through this evolution, ensuring their growth trajectory is as smooth as it is impactful.

Established Businesses Seeking a Tech Edge

Established entities in our cohort are leveraging TechBoost to infuse new life into their operations. From developing engaging mobile apps to integrating advanced features into their existing systems, these businesses are reshaping their tech landscapes.

Startups at the Conceptual Stage

Early-stage startups in the program are receiving guidance to refine and validate their ideas. TechBoost is helping them build clear product roadmaps and develop a prototype that captures both user interest and investor attention.

What will our selected companies receive

UX/UI Design

Tailoring user experience and interface designs to the entrepreneur’s vision, this component focuses on building an intuitive, visually engaging prototype.

Deliverables: 10 Design Screens, Interactive Prototype (Figma or Protopie), Mood Board, User Journey Map, and Flow Diagram.

Feature Planning and Strategy

Guidance is provided to develop feature sets aligned with business goals, ensuring product-market fit.

Deliverables: Key Features Overview, Epics and User Stories, Edge Cases, Monetization Strategy, Technical Platform Recommendation.

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Project Roadmap

A clear roadmap facilitates project development, emphasizing coordination and execution.

Deliverables: Work Breakdown Structure, Project Cost Estimate, and a Detailed Roadmap with Team Composition and Development Timelines.

What’s in it for us

In inaugurating our US branch, TechBoost stands as more than just a program; it’s our pathway to forming meaningful partnerships and gaining essential market insights.

Through close collaboration with American entrepreneurs, we aim to tailor our market strategies and build robust case studies that resonate with the pulse of innovation. This initiative is our commitment to not only adapting to but thriving in the US entrepreneurial landscape, fostering growth for both our partners and ourselves.

Behind the scenes: Sneak peek into our selection process

If you wonder what makes a TechBoost applicant stand out? Here’s an inside look at our selection process, where we seek the perfect blend of innovation, vision, and potential. 

Strong Vision and Purpose: Companies that have a clear and compelling mission, especially those poised to leverage technology in transformative ways.

Innovation and Industry Trends: We’re drawn to businesses at the forefront of hot industry trends, harnessing innovation to drive change.

Dedicated and Dynamic Teams: The strength and commitment of the team behind an idea are crucial. We look for passionate, skilled professionals ready to collaborate and grow.

Collaboration-Ready Mindset: Partners who are as excited about learning and growing with us as we are with them.

Beyond the Basics

It’s not just about what’s on paper. We consider the potential impact of our partnership, envisioning how our resources could elevate each applicant’s journey. Each selection is a step towards building a diverse community where every member contributes to and benefits from shared experiences and expertise.

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Join the Next Cohort

If your business aligns with these values and you’re ready to embrace the next level of growth, consider applying for our next summer cohort or refer someone who may be interested. Details coming soon on our social media, website and email.

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