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Our clients say that we perceive their businesses as our own and transform ideas into efficient digital solutions.

We can’t help but agree.

Age means value

16 years of experience delivering best-in-class software development services






We are your business partner

Our transparency goes to the point of you becoming a part of our expert team. Your business problems become ours and the solutions we deliver are efficient and very fast.

We build solutions for our partners

  • Responsive
  • Angular.js
  • Web Animations

Sara Events - Stunning animations on a light-weight presentation website

We are developing responsive, stunning and visually impressive animated presentation websites on Angular.js. The websites are light-weight and are hosted on a static - no servers required - infrastructure. The Google PageSpeed score for the website is 95 for Desktop.

  • iOS
  • Node.js
  • Social apps

DayDate - Social dating application for iOS

DayDate is a social networking and dating application for iOS. We put a lot of effort into developing complex and visually appealing animations which create a great user experience. The application is developed in SWIFT using the latest native technologies. The backend was developed in Node.js.

  • iOS
  • Android

LBS Edge View - iOS and Android background location tracking mobile application

A mobile native application developed as part of location based service solution, EdgeSuite allows for GPS tracking while keeping a balance between battery consumption, accuracy and reliability.

Solutions We are developing secure, scalable and highly usable software for your business.

We focus on bringing value through developing custom software.

Node.js Development Solutions

Node.js Development Solutions

Many high-profile software companies use Node.js for developing their primary applications.

Why? Because Node.js is fast to develop with, secure, lightweight, scalable and allows for a unified code base for both frontend and backend.

MORE ABOUT Node.js Solutions

Native iOS and Android Solutions

Best mobile apps are developed natively. By developing native applications for iOS and Android you get specific optimisations that a cross-platform app cannot access.

Native mobile applications are also more secure and provide the best user experience to the end-user.

MORE ABOUT Native Mobile Apps

Node.js Development Solutions
Custom Enterprise Software Solutions

Custom Enterprise Software Solutions

We develop custom-made enterprise software that improves your business by increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

Through tailor-made enterprise software solutions we address very specific business problems, augment business processes, even create new, unique business lines, providing a highly optimised solution and experience.

MORE ABOUT Enterprise Solutions

Services Deliver best-in-class software development services, focused on specific business needs, affordable for any business.

DevelopmentWeb Development
From lightweight MVPs to complex web products, we make your idea real, taking all the technical worries off your shoulders.
Native Mobile
App DevelopmentNative Mobile App Development
Using high-end native mobile technologies we develop best-in-class mobile applications that delight your users. SWIFT and Kotlin are our languages of choice.
UI & UX DesignUI & UX Design
We design user experiences and interfaces for mobile applications and websites that convert visitors into customers.
Whenever you need someone to manage of your critical infrastructure on AWS or other hosting services we are here.
E-Commerce &
MarketplacesE-Commerce & Marketplaces
Our custom built e-commerce and m-commerce solutions create streamlined experiences for your users, helping them make the best purchasing choices.
Business Intelligence
and AutomationBusiness Intelligence and Automation
We build fast, actionable & insights-driven BI apps which will help you make smarter decisions with confidence.

Industries Understanding your business is our top priority.

  • E-commerce and M-commerce

  • Automotive

  • Financial (Fintech)

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • Healthcare & Fitness

  • Education

  • Social media

  • VoIP & Communication

  • Image & Video Processing

  • Mobile Games



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