HyperSense Transforms Nail Care with Nimble Beauty

A Case Study on Revolutionary Mobile App and Serverless Microservices Development

HyperSense partnered with Nimble Beauty to create a mobile app and serverless microservices, seamlessly integrating IoT technology and revolutionizing the at-home nail care experience. Discover how HyperSense contributed to the success of Nimble Beauty's groundbreaking smart nail salon.

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Revolutionizing At-Home Nail Care
HyperSense and Nimble Beauty Partnership

Discovering Nimble Beauty: A Trailblazer in the Smart Nail Salon Industry

Nimble Beauty represents a groundbreaking innovation in the world of at-home nail care. The company has developed a revolutionary smart nail salon system that delivers flawless manicures using state-of-the-art technology. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Nimble Beauty has designed a globally patented device that ensures a perfect, salon-quality manicure from the comfort of your own home.

HyperSense's Role in Shaping the Nimble Beauty Experience

As a leading software development company with expertise in technology and software development, HyperSense partnered with Nimble Beauty to create a seamless and intuitive user experience. The goal was to develop a mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms using Flutter, along with Node.js serverless microservices to enable efficient communication between the nail printing devices and the mobile app.

HyperSense's collaboration aimed to integrate the mobile application with Nimble Beauty's existing Shopify website, developed by another provider. The primary objectives of this project were to design a user-friendly application that simplifies the at-home nail care experience, enhances customer satisfaction, and effectively showcases the cutting-edge technology behind the Nimble Beauty device.


Overcoming Challenges
Excelling in IoT Integration, User Experience, and Scalable Infrastructure

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Crafting a Seamless User Experience Across Platforms with Flutter

A major challenge faced by the HyperSense team was to create a consistent and intuitive user experience across various platforms, including iOS and Android devices. By developing the app using Flutter, the team capitalized on its advantages, such as a single codebase shared across both platforms, faster development cycles, and high performance. This approach ensured an engaging and satisfying user experience for all Nimble Beauty customers.

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Mastering IoT Integration with the Nimble Device: QR Code Scanning and Real-time Communication

HyperSense focused on creating a seamless connection between the mobile application and the cutting-edge Nimble Beauty IoT nail printing devices. The IoT integration process involved generating a QR code for the Nimble device to scan and connect to WiFi and the server. The rest of the communication, including real-time updates and data synchronization, was facilitated through the Nimble server, Node.js microservices, and push notifications delivered to the mobile app. This robust integration provided a smooth, responsive, and enjoyable user experience.

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Incorporating Seamless Integration with the Shopify Website

Another significant challenge was integrating the Nimble Beauty mobile application with the existing Shopify website. The HyperSense team needed to ensure a seamless connection that allowed users to log in with their Shopify account, access their purchase history, and receive personalized recommendations within the mobile app.

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Building Scalable and Efficient Infrastructure with Node.js and AWS CDK

Developing a scalable and efficient infrastructure was a top priority for HyperSense. By leveraging Node.js and the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), the team created serverless microservices that were adaptable to fluctuating demand and optimized for performance. The AWS CDK enabled the team to define cloud resources using familiar programming languages, making it easier to manage and deploy the serverless infrastructure. This approach ultimately provided users with a reliable and seamless at-home nail care experience powered by innovative serverless technology.

The Solution
HyperSense's Role in the Nimble Beauty Ecosystem

Mobile Application Development in Flutter

HyperSense played an important role in the development of the Nimble Beauty ecosystem by creating a feature-rich mobile application that empowered users to have an exceptional at-home nail care experience. Utilizing the power of Flutter, the team crafted a cross-platform app that delivered a consistent and engaging user experience across both iOS and Android devices.

The mobile application included several key features to enhance the user experience, such as:

Connection with the Nimble Nail Polishing IoT Device

Establishing real-time communication between the app and the device through QR code scanning, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Setting Up the Nimble Device

Supplying comprehensive instructions, visual aids, and interactive walkthroughs to facilitate a smooth setup process.

Login with Shopify Account

Offering a seamless and secure sign-in process, allowing users to access their purchase history and receive personalized recommendations.

Push Notifications and Real-time Communication with the Nimble Device

Providing timely updates on device status and progress, keeping users informed and engaged.

Integrated Troubleshooting

Incorporating in-app diagnostic tools to help users identify and resolve potential issues, while also providing access to expert assistance and support resources

Customer Feedback System

Encouraging users to share valuable insights, driving continuous improvement and strengthening customer relationships

In summary, the objectives and goals of the Autoklass.ro project were to unite the brand’s multiple websites, enable online car sales, improve the brand's online presence, enhance user satisfaction, optimize for search engines, and provide an exceptional e-commerce experience for parts and accessories.

In addition to these features, the team emphasized the importance of microinteractions and smooth UX, ensuring a delightful and memorable experience for users

Intuitive Navigation

The mobile app was designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing users to easily access all features and navigate effortlessly throughout the app.

Engaging Visual Feedback

To make the experience more delightful, the app incorporated subtle animations and visual feedback in response to user interactions, providing a sense of engagement and responsiveness.

Seamless Transitions

The use of Flutter enabled the creation of smooth transitions between different app sections and screens, enhancing the overall flow and continuity of the user experience.

Clear and Concise Instructions

The step-by-step tutorials and in-app guidance provided users with easy-to-understand instructions, ensuring a smooth setup process and optimal usage of the Nimble Beauty device.


By leveraging the advantages of Flutter, such as rapid development cycles, a single codebase for both platforms, and high-performance capabilities, HyperSense successfully delivered a mobile application that elevated the Nimble Beauty experience to new heights.

Node.js Serverless Microservices

In addition to the mobile application development, HyperSense contributed to the creation of a robust and scalable backend infrastructure for the Nimble Beauty ecosystem by employing Node.js serverless microservices. This approach facilitated seamless communication between the mobile app and the IoT nail printing devices, ensuring optimal performance and an exceptional user experience.

Key components of the Node.js serverless microservices included:

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AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)

The AWS CDK was utilized to define cloud resources using familiar programming languages, streamlining the management and deployment of serverless infrastructure.


Scalability and Efficiency

The serverless technology allowed for a system that adapts to fluctuating demand, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency.


Real-time Communication and Data Synchronization

The serverless microservices facilitated real-time updates and data synchronization between the mobile app and the IoT nail printing devices, delivering a responsive user experience.


Firebase Cloud Messaging

The integration of Firebase Cloud Messaging enabled efficient delivery of push notifications to users, keeping them informed and engaged throughout the manicure process.

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AWS CDK and Serverless Microservices

By building the backend infrastructure using AWS API Gateway, Lambda, and DynamoDB, a scalable and efficient solution was created that could support the growing Nimble Beauty ecosystem.

By leveraging Node.js and serverless technology, a cutting-edge backend infrastructure was developed that enhanced the Nimble Beauty ecosystem, providing users with a reliable and seamless at-home nail care experience.


Features of Nimble Beauty's Mobile Application and Serverless Microservices

Cross-platform Consistency with Flutter

Leveraging the power of Flutter, the mobile application delivers a consistent and engaging user experience across both iOS and Android platforms. This cross-platform consistency enables users to enjoy the same high-quality experience, regardless of their device.

Secure and Seamless Login with Shopify Account

The mobile app offers users a secure and seamless login process by integrating with their existing Shopify accounts. This feature enables users to access their purchase history, receive personalized recommendations, and enjoy a more personalized experience overall.

Push Notifications via Firebase Cloud Messaging

The mobile application employs Firebase Cloud Messaging to deliver push notifications to users, keeping them informed and engaged throughout the manicure process. This feature ensures that users receive timely updates on device status and progress.

Seamless IoT Integration

The mobile application establishes a secure connection with the Nimble nail polishing IoT device through QR code scanning. This process enables users to effortlessly connect their devices to their home WiFi network and the Nimble server, allowing for a smooth and user-friendly experience.

Advanced Troubleshooting and Support

The mobile app offers integrated troubleshooting tools and resources, empowering users to quickly identify and resolve potential issues with their Nimble devices. Additionally, the app provides access to expert assistance and support resources, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.

Customer Feedback System

A dedicated customer feedback system is integrated into the mobile application, allowing users to share their insights and experiences. This valuable feedback drives continuous improvement, fosters customer satisfaction, and strengthens customer relationships.

Scalable and Efficient Serverless Microservices

Developed using Node.js and AWS CDK, the serverless microservices are built on a robust infrastructure that includes API Gateway, Lambda, and DynamoDB. This architecture ensures that the system is scalable and efficient, effectively handling the demands of the growing user base.

Real-time Communication and Data Synchronization

The serverless microservices, developed using Node.js and AWS CDK, ensure real-time communication and data synchronization between the mobile app, the IoT nail printing devices, and the Nimble server. This seamless integration enhances user experience by providing timely updates and feedback.

Whitney Jacoby

Whitney Jacoby

Digital Product Director @ Nimble


HyperSense is incredibly responsive. They respond to emails incredibly quickly, even with the time difference. They are very realistic with their timelines, allowing not only for development but also QA and revisions. They always deliver on time. HyperSense is really an extension of our team — they do great work and are incredibly responsive.

Features of Nimble Beauty's Mobile Application and Serverless Microservices

HyperSense's Impact on the Success of Nimble Beauty's Innovative Product

HyperSense's expertise in mobile application development and serverless microservices played a pivotal role in the success of Nimble Beauty's groundbreaking at-home smart nail salon. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Flutter, Node.js, and AWS CDK, HyperSense developed a seamless and engaging user experience that showcased the true potential of Nimble Beauty's innovative product.

The creation of a mobile app that provided cross-platform consistency, real-time communication, and advanced troubleshooting tools, coupled with the robust serverless infrastructure that facilitated seamless IoT integration, contributed to the overall success of Nimble Beauty's offering. HyperSense's work enabled users to enjoy a truly immersive and transformative at-home nail care experience, fostering customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.


The Future of At-Home Nail Care and Technology-Driven Beauty Solutions

As technology continues to advance, the future of at-home nail care and beauty solutions will undoubtedly be shaped by innovative products like Nimble Beauty's smart nail salon. The seamless integration of IoT devices, mobile applications, and serverless infrastructures offers endless possibilities for the development of new and exciting beauty solutions that prioritize convenience, personalization, and user engagement.

By collaborating with forward-thinking companies like Nimble Beauty, HyperSense is at the forefront of the technology-driven beauty revolution. With a commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions that empower users to take control of their beauty routines from the comfort of their homes, HyperSense is poised to play a vital role in shaping the future of the industry.

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