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Bird Quest Match 3: A Cross-Platform iOS and Android Game

About the project

Bird Quest Match 3 is a delightful and addictive game, designed and developed by HyperSense Software, that caters to all ages, genders, devices, and locations. With over 100 levels, 6 islands, 15 quests, 12 hero characters, 10 game states, 4 special items, and 2 villains, the game provides a diverse array of gameplay experiences and challenges to keep players engaged and entertained.

Intuitive UI and UX for a Seamless Gaming Experience

Our team at HyperSense Software focused on creating a user interface and user experience that adheres to the concept "if it's not there, something is missing." This approach resulted in a game that feels neither crowded nor tiring on the eyes, ensuring players can enjoy the game for extended periods without discomfort.

Offline Functionality for Uninterrupted Gaming

Bird Quest Match 3 offers full offline functionality, allowing players to enjoy the game even with limited or no connectivity, such as during commutes on subways or in areas with poor network coverage.

Comprehensive Analytics System

The custom analytics system implemented in Bird Quest Match 3 enables our client to track various aspects of the game, including:

  • In-app purchases (iAP);
  • Level progression;
  • Ads;
  • Item usage;
  • Item generation;
  • Bonus collecting;
  • Social network value.

AI-Driven Difficulty and Level Complexity

An artificial intelligence (AI) system was developed for Bird Quest Match 3 to determine the level of complexity and difficulty. Combined with user and development testing, this AI ensures a gaming environment that offers players a sense of progress and achievement.

Innovative Apple Watch Integration for Enhanced Gaming Experience

Bird Quest Match 3 goes beyond traditional cross-platform compatibility by incorporating a seamless Apple Watch integration. This feature allows players to stay connected with the game even when they are away from their primary devices, offering a unique and engaging gaming experience on their wrists.

The Apple Watch version of Bird Quest Match 3 is designed to provide quick, bite-sized interactions, perfect for those moments when players have only a few minutes to spare. Players can track their progress, receive notifications about in-game events, and manage key aspects of the game, such as collecting bonuses and completing mini-challenges, directly from their Apple Watch.

Dedicated Development Team: A Strong Partnership Model Provided by HyperSense

Our HyperSense Software dedicated development team has created a strong partnership model with the Bird Quest Match 3 team, adding new ideas and fresh concepts that were included in the software development of the app's intuitive features, and contributed to the flawless build of this personalized digital product.

Explore The Concept of Dedicated Development Teams: Understanding Their Purpose and Functionality on our blog to discover how partnering with HyperSense helps you to build a fantastic mobile application for your market; also check out another mobile app we successfully deployed for the gaming industry, Sphear.

HyperSense Software's Pivotal Role in Developing Bird Quest Match 3

HyperSense Software, as a leading software development and consultancy firm, played a crucial role in the conception, design, and development of the Bird Quest Match 3 game. With an unwavering focus on creating immersive and enjoyable gaming experiences, our team of skilled developers, designers, and project managers collaborated to bring this cross-platform masterpiece to life.

From the initial planning stages, HyperSense Software was committed to creating a game that appealed to a wide audience while maintaining its core identity. Our team carried out extensive research on market trends and player preferences, which helped us develop a captivating storyline, vibrant graphics, and intuitive gameplay mechanics. We also ensured that the game would be compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, maximizing its reach to potential players worldwide.

Throughout the development process, HyperSense Software employed agile methodologies, enabling our team to adapt and respond to any challenges or changes in project requirements. This approach allowed us to maintain a high level of efficiency and ensure that the game was developed within the designated timeframe and budget.

Our expertise in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design enabled us to craft a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate game environment. By prioritizing simplicity and usability, we created a game that can be enjoyed by both casual and seasoned gamers alike.

if you're looking for a software development partner with a proven track record of delivering captivating and innovative solutions, look no further than HyperSense Software. Our extensive experience and commitment to excellence ensure that we can turn your vision into reality, creating software that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Don't hesitate to contact us today to discuss your project requirements and explore how we can help bring your ideas to life.

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