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Our Web Summit Experience Opened New Doors

by Dragos Ruse
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HyperSense Web Summit Experience

Web Summit 2022 was indeed one of the most fascinating experiences we ever had. And it all happened so fast, that we needed a while to realize it wasn’t just a dream, it was all real. Or rather a dream come true for our HyperSense team who believes in achieving anything

Making the trip, walking through the beautiful city of Lisbon, finding the warmest people, enjoying the spectacular Web Summit opening, meeting old friends as well as making new ones, opening our stand for the public, receiving official visits, enjoying lots of nice multicultural discussions with every single one of you who came to have a look, to have a chat with us, curious about who we are, what we do, and how we can help you. We shared visions & ideas about the present and the future, we went together through some of our best multi-industry projects and we hope we inspired you. All these components created the perfect ensemble we enjoyed so much. 

Being a partner at the world’s biggest tech conference meant building bridges. Between cultures, between industries, between multiple geographical areas from around the globe, represented by shiny happy people who traveled the world, excited just to be there. 

Perhaps the thirst for communication reached a world record at Web Summit because the 70K + people became more sociable and open to learning something new from different fields and interesting people like you and me. Like yourselves, like them, like us.  

So our experience at #WebSummit wasn’t just real, it felt like the pure magic of human connection. Small or big, tall or short, it didn’t make a difference in our new home where we were welcomed by this international family from Web Summit, passionate about tech just as much as we are. And we can’t wait to make it happen again, next year.

We’ve seen many colorful smilescurious eyes, and wide-open ears in all the people we’ve met. We learned tons of interesting things from some of the best speakers that came on the stages to showcase their businesses and brands. We exchanged souvenirs while leaving a part of us in each one we gave.

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Our team was honored to receive an official visit from the Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitalization, Sebastian Burduja, the Economic and Commercial Counsellor of Romania in Portugal, Adela Condurache-Fedorca, and the Romanian Ambassador in Portugal, Ioana Bivolaru, who encouraged us to keep on doing what we’re best at, that being creating top quality software products, with eye-catching designs, highly responsive mobile & web apps with cool features, as well as offering great strategy & consultancy to global companies.

It was also a great pleasure meeting Mirela Ciobanu, Content Editor at The Paypers. If you haven’t heard about The Paypers yet, it is an international publication that’s been on the market for more than 13 years and offers its readers lots of valuable insights into payments. Based in Amsterdam, they’re a highly educational media platform for payments, fintech, crypto, banking, and fraud prevention communities. 

We couldn’t have started each day better than with the best coffee from our partner, AWS. This fueled our appetite for talking and walking through the pavilions to meet others and admire brands who made huge efforts to present themselves. We’ve found amazing startups with brilliant business ideas presenting their pitch to the investors and we partied at Night Summit like a big happy family, enjoying original light shows, great band performances, and hot DJs playing fantastic music.

After this amazing experience lived at Web Summit 2002, which touched us in a unique way and won a place in our hearts, we took the time to reflect and realized a few things: Most large software firms compete for a spot on the Fortune 500. The billion-dollar seat contracts, the big sharks, the enterprise deals, and more rewards of this kind. We’re sure that they can have them, and they will. We believe it’s enough room for everybody.

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But the Fortune 5,000,000 still are our preferred clients. The world’s small and medium-sized firms and creative studios still produce the best work – not the most work. It’s quality over quantity, creativity & originality over mediocrity. Innovative and agile, trendsetters come bravely with their idea and build bridges that open doors for others.

You, as a company, might have 3 to 10 employees and that could be enough for what you do. We would be delighted to have you as a client. If you’re moving mountains on your own, we’re letting you know that we’re at your service whenever you need it and you’re not alone anymore, let’s meet up and do more! Oh, you might have more than 44 people already and still plan on growing bigger and better. That’s awesome, keep in mind that we are here to help you achieve your goals. When we say Small & Tall, that’s exactly what we mean, so welcome aboard.

Small does not imply inferiority. There is more than that. Quicker than you think. Much friendlier than expected. Closer than you feel. Excellence can be reached.

Small businesses like yours are used by large software companies to bolster their customer base, but soon you’ll find out that you are only the bait, hooked to bring in the greatest trophy fish, the organizations that they are actually in it to service. Supporting someone who wouldn’t be proud to list you as a customer may not be the best idea. Because support goes both ways, that’s human nature.

In an effort to win the major accounts, all popular companies are losing tons of money. Some of them are ripping the hundreds of millions that they raised using the same strategy. Prior to being saved by others, some of these big companies were suffering severe losses. There are a lot of them that you can think of and if you do some research, their numbers will shake you well.

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These organizations are attempting to offer you software to operate your company despite the fact that they can’t even manage their own operations. Why would you imitate their behavior? Purchasing from them is equivalent to getting mechanical advice from a person who works as a gatekeeper at an auto dealer or service.

We don’t need to fudge the figures to affect stock prices, coerce you into buying more things to meet sales goals or inflate prices to enrich venture investors. Similar to you, we are a self-sufficient, independent business committed to creating excellent digital products for our clients. We’ve been on this journey for more than 15 years, as reliable as we still are today, so we plan on continuing this for as long as we’re around.

Have you ever tried doing something half-hearted, did it work? Your dream deserves more than just your best shot or a couple of tries. When the time comes to make a choice, will you join forces with us for a greater result? If you also put your soul into what you do and want to make a change for yourself and your company to thrive, to make the future yours, you need to know that the decision belongs to you. We have been, we are and we will be here to support you.

With respect and admiration,

The HyperSense team

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