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Tinka is the smartest and the most creative way to pay for anything you need, when you need it, directly from the app. Even if you need money, just reach into your pocket or your purse, open the app on your smartphone and Tinka helps you instantly by simply loaning the amount needed.

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2019 - Ongoing

Tinka Mobile App: Revolutionizing Consumer Credit and Payment Solutions

Brief over view of the project

The scope of Tinka as a consumer credit business focuses on providing customers with flexible payment solutions that simplify their financial experiences. As a Dutch company, Tinka offers an array of financial products, such as pay later, installment plans, and prepaid cards, to cater to the diverse needs of its clients. By establishing a strong presence in the online and offline shopping space, Tinka has formed partnerships with over 10,000 affiliated stores, including H&M, Jack & Jones, Rituals, Foot Locker, C&A, and Hema.

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The Tinka mobile app project, developed in collaboration with HyperSense, serves as a pivotal element in the company's mission to make shopping easier, fairer, and more responsible for everyone. The app enhances the user experience, integrates with existing financial systems, and ensures high levels of security and reliability for its customers.

With its wide range of features, such as Tinka Tab, Tinka Card, and Tinka Profile, the Tinka mobile app caters to the diverse needs of its target audience, establishing itself as a versatile and attractive solution for users seeking an all-in-one financial management tool. By focusing on the needs of this target audience, Tinka has successfully positioned itself as a valuable platform for managing and streamlining financial transactions, both online and offline.

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Vision, objectives, goals

Tinka’s mission is to make shopping easier, fairer and more responsible for everyone. Their vision is to become the most trusted and preferred payment partner for customers and merchants.


Provide convenient and flexible payment options for different customer needs and preferences

Ensure transparency and fairness in their fees, terms and conditions, and customer service

Promote responsible spending and borrowing habits among their customers and educate them on financial literacy

Expand their network of affiliated stores and webshops and increase their market share and brand awareness

Innovate and improve their products and services based on customer feedback and market trends

Scope and target audience

The target audience for Tinka's financial solutions includes individuals who value convenience, flexibility, and control in managing their financial transactions. This demographic consists of online and offline shoppers seeking alternative payment methods, as well as those requiring access to consumer credit, spread payment, and buy-now-pay-later financial products in a user-friendly and secure environment.

Partnering with HyperSense: Elevating Tinka's Mobile App Experience

Business challenges or needs that led to the project

In 2019, Tinka approached our experienced mobile application development team with the goal of creating a cutting-edge mobile app to enhance user acquisition and engagement. Within less than two years, this platform has evolved into their primary channel, and we continue to expand and maintain its functionality. Tinka's app empowers customers with greater control and insight into their payments, personal data, balance, and invoices, aligning with the company's mission to make shopping more accessible, equitable, and responsible for all.

company background

Although Tinka has an in-house software development team, they sought the collaboration of HyperSense due to our extensive expertise in mobile application development, an area where their team lacked proficiency. This strategic partnership enabled Tinka to leverage our specialized knowledge, ensuring the creation of a high-quality, user-friendly app that aligns with their mission and continues to drive their success.

Developing Tinka's Innovative Mobile App: Agile Collaboration and Cutting-Edge Technologies

Software development methodology

In our collaborative software development process, both Tinka and HyperSense have embraced the Agile methodology . The seamless alignment of our methodologies has been facilitated by our mutual use of popular systems like Jira and Slack, which have proven easy to integrate. Our mobile development team works in close coordination with Tinka's Product Managers, Product Owners, designers, and backend developers, resulting in a highly efficient and well-orchestrated collaboration.


This synergy has allowed us to maximize productivity and streamline the development and maintenance of Tinka's innovative mobile app, ensuring it continues to exceed customer expectations and drive the company's growth.

Technology stack and tools used

In terms of the technology stack and tools utilized for our collaboration with Tinka, we employ a diverse and modern set of resources to ensure a streamlined development process. Figma is our go-to tool for designing the user interface, while we rely on Flutter as the development framework for the mobile app, allowing us to create a high-quality, cross-platform experience. For task tracking and project management,Jira is our platform of choice, ensuring that tasks are assigned and monitored effectively.

Slack serves as our primary communication tool, fostering efficient and real-time conversations between team members from both companies. Additionally, we use Miro for brainstorming, visual collaboration, and mapping out ideas, while coda.io assists in creating dynamic, collaborative documents and managing project information. This comprehensive suite of tools enables our teams to work seamlessly together, driving the successful development and ongoing maintenance of Tinka's mobile application.

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Continuing with the technology stack and tools employed, Flutter serves as the primary framework for developing Tinka's mobile application, offering a highly efficient and versatile solution for crafting a smooth, cross-platform experience. For some backend microservices, we utilize AWS CDK with TypeScript, ensuring a robust and scalable infrastructure that supports the app's performance.

Firebase plays a critical role in providing various essential features, such as push notifications, remote configurations, deep linking, analytics, and A/B testing. By integrating Firebase, we can optimize user engagement, monitor performance, and make data-driven decisions to continually enhance the app's functionality and overall user experience.

This diverse and powerful set of tools allows our teams to work in harmony, propelling the successful development, evolution, and maintenance of Tinka's innovative mobile application.

Key features and functionalities

The Tinka mobile app offers a diverse range of user-friendly functionalities, designed to streamline access to Consumer Credit, Spread Payment, and Buy-Now Pay-Later financial products . This fintech mobile app simplifies the process of purchasing online loan products for Tinka's customers.

One of the app's key features is passwordless login, allowing users to access financial products without the hassle of remembering passwords. Instead, users receive a one-time code or link via email after entering their email address, which they can use to log in.

Tinka provides easy access to consumer credit, enabling users to receive funds directly through the app without waiting in long bank queues. The company also offers a physical credit card for versatile in-store (offline) payments. However, the most popular feature is the Buy Now - Pay Later (BNPL) option, which allows users to purchase items and choose a later date to pay or spread payments over several months. Users can also choose from various credit products, payment arrangements, or loans that best suit their needs.


Security is paramount, with biometric security, credit risk calculation, and fraud prevention measures in place. Users can also access Tinka's in-app chat support for assistance.

Account management features ensure users stay informed, with optional push notifications providing updates. The app also implements the latest standard in KYC (Know Your Customer) processes, utilizing iDIN for advanced identity verification. With these comprehensive features, the Tinka app offers a seamless and secure experience for customers seeking flexible financial solutions.

Duration, milestones and team

Our collaboration with Tinka began in 2019, with an initial project delivery timeline of six months. To ensure an efficient and flexible development process, we adopted the Agile Scrum methodology, working in 200-hour sprints.

The initial team consisted of 2 senior Flutter developers, who were responsible for crafting the app's core functionality and user experience. Over the years, we have delivered more than 8,000 hours of development work, continually refining and expanding the app's features.

Throughout our collaboration with Tinka, we have consistently adapted to their evolving needs by scaling the team up or down as required. This flexible approach optimizes Tinka's costs, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and effectively. By maintaining this level of adaptability, we can provide the necessary support and expertise for the ongoing development and success of Tinka's innovative mobile application.


In early 2022, a senior backend developer joined the team, focusing on AWS CDK to develop essential backend microservices that support and enhance the app's capabilities. With this expanded team, we continue to work closely with Tinka, ensuring the ongoing success and growth of their innovative mobile application.

As the Tinka app has become the primary driver for consumer reach, there are plans to scale up both the Flutter and Backend teams to accommodate the increasing demand for new features and enhancements. Additionally, we will allocate a full-time QA engineer dedicated to writing a comprehensive set of end-to-end automated tests. This expansion will ensure the app maintains its high quality and continues to meet the evolving needs of Tinka's growing customer base.

Overcoming Challenges in Tinka's Mobile App Development: Technical, Organizational, and Resource Management Solutions

Technical challenges and how they were addressed

Throughout the development process, our team faced several technical challenges. Here are some of the key challenges we encountered and how we addressed them:

Choosing the right cross-platform mobile framework

To ensure an efficient and seamless experience across both iOS and Android platforms, we carefully evaluated various mobile frameworks. After thorough research and analysis, we selected Flutter as the ideal framework for its versatility, performance, and robust developer community.

Integrating the mobile app with the existing financial backends and app ecosystem

To create a cohesive and functional app, we needed to integrate it with Tinka's existing financial backend systems and app ecosystem. We accomplished this through close collaboration with Tinka's in-house development team, leveraging their knowledge and expertise to establish a seamless connection between the mobile app and the backend infrastructure.

Learning the business-specific processes and operations of Tinka

In order to develop a mobile app that met Tinka's unique business requirements, we needed to familiarize ourselves with their specific processes and operations. By working closely with Tinka's Product Managers and stakeholders, we gained a deep understanding of their business, enabling us to design and implement features that catered to their specific needs.

Synchronizing the web and mobile app updates

Maintaining consistency and synchronization between the web and mobile app updates was crucial for providing a uniform user experience. To achieve this, we established clear communication channels with Tinka's development team and utilized agile methodologies, allowing for the efficient coordination of updates and ensuring that both platforms remained in sync.

By addressing these technical challenges, we were able to deliver a high-quality, feature-rich mobile app that meets the needs of Tinka's customers and supports their continued growth and success.


Organizational or communication challenges and their resolutions

Throughout the development of the Tinka mobile app, our teams faced various organizational and communication challenges.

Here are some key issues we encountered and the resolutions we implemented:


Cross-team collaboration

With Tinka and HyperSense being two distinct organizations, efficient collaboration was crucial for the project's success. We established clear communication channels, using tools like Jira and Slack, to facilitate seamless coordination between Tinka's in-house development team, Product Managers, and HyperSense's mobile development team.


Knowledge transfer

To develop an app tailored to Tinka's unique business requirements, our team needed to become familiar with Tinka's specific processes and operations. We resolved this challenge by working closely with Tinka's stakeholders and Product Managers, gaining a deep understanding of their business, which enabled us to design and implement features that catered to their specific needs.


Resource allocation and scalability

Ensuring the right resources were available at the right time was critical for the project's success. We adopted a flexible approach, scaling the team up or down based on the project's requirements, which helped optimize Tinka's costs and allocate resources effectively.


Synchronization of web and mobile app updates

Maintaining consistency between web and mobile app updates was essential to provide a uniform user experience. We addressed this challenge by using agile methodologies and fostering close communication with Tinka's development team, allowing for efficient coordination of updates and ensuring that both platforms remained in sync.


Cultural and time zone differences

With Tinka being a Dutch company and HyperSense having an international team, cultural and time zone differences could have posed potential communication challenges. However, we overcame this by fostering a respectful and understanding work environment, accommodating team members' schedules, and ensuring timely and clear communication across all channels.

By addressing these organizational and communication challenges, we were able to foster a strong collaborative relationship between Tinka and HyperSense, ultimately leading to the successful development of a high-quality, feature-rich mobile app that meets the needs of Tinka's customers and supports their continued growth and success.

Resource constraints and mitigation strategies

Throughout the Tinka mobile app development project, HyperSense demonstrated adaptability and resourcefulness by effectively managing resource constraints related to Flutter capacity, UX design services, and web backend team allocation. To further enhance our mitigation strategies, we implemented the following approaches:


Cross-training and skill development

To address potential resource constraints, we encouraged cross-training and skill development within our team. This ensured that our developers and designers were equipped with the necessary expertise to support various aspects of the project, providing greater flexibility and adaptability in resource allocation.

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Effective communication and collaboration

Maintaining open lines of communication and fostering a collaborative environment between HyperSense and Tinka teams enabled us to quickly identify resource constraints and respond accordingly. Regular project meetings and progress reports ensured that any emerging issues were promptly addressed, minimizing the impact on the project timeline and deliverables.

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Proactive planning and forecasting

By closely monitoring project progress and conducting regular assessments of resource needs, we were able to anticipate potential constraints and proactively plan for additional resources or adjustments to the project timeline. This approach helped us stay ahead of potential issues and ensured that we consistently met Tinka's requirements.

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Any other relevant obstacles encountered and how they were overcome

Throughout our collaboration with Tinka on the mobile app project, we encountered very few obstacles due to the strong alignment and mutual trust between our teams. Tinka entrusted us to guide their mobile app strategy, valuing our expertise and experience in this field. However, there were still some challenges that required our attention and resolution:


Limited experience with financial backend systems

Our initial experience with financial backend systems, such as CAS, ESB, FICO, and others, was limited. To overcome this obstacle, the HyperSense team quickly adapted and integrated into Tinka's ecosystem, working closely with their in-house teams. This collaboration allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the systems and develop the necessary skills to navigate the financial backend landscape effectively.


Knowledge transfer and documentation

Ensuring that both teams had access to the necessary information and resources was crucial to the success of the project. We implemented thorough documentation and knowledge transfer processes, enabling seamless communication and the sharing of crucial information between HyperSense and Tinka teams.


Adapting to evolving project requirements

As the project progressed, new requirements and features were identified, necessitating adjustments to our approach and resource allocation. We maintained a flexible mindset and adapted our strategies accordingly, ensuring that we consistently met Tinka's evolving needs.

Tinka Mobile App: Quantitative and Qualitative Outcomes, and Lessons Learned from a Successful Collaboration

Quantitative Results

The Tinka mobile app has led to significant quantitative results, including:

Expanded frontend ecosystem

By introducing a new distribution channel for Tinka's services, the mobile app has increased user access and driven greater engagement with their financial products.

Improved retention

The user-friendly design and convenient features of the app have contributed to higher user retention rates, resulting in more loyal customers for Tinka.

Direct communication channel

The mobile app has facilitated a direct communication channel with users, allowing Tinka to gather valuable feedback, address customer concerns, and promote targeted offers.

Offline payments

With the introduction of credit card functionality, the app has opened the way toward offline payments, broadening Tinka's reach and increasing the range of services they can offer.

Cost savings

By partnering with HyperSense, Tinka was able to avoid the expenses associated with building their own development team, leading to significant cost savings.

Increased revenue

The Tinka mobile app is responsible for processing more than 300,000 EUR per month, showcasing its impact on the company's revenue growth.


Qualitative Results

In addition to the quantitative benefits, the Tinka mobile app has also delivered several qualitative results:

User satisfaction

The app's intuitive design, seamless user experience, and convenient features have led to high levels of user satisfaction, enhancing Tinka's brand reputation.

Ease of use

The app's straightforward interface and functionality make it easy for users to access Tinka's financial products, promoting customer engagement and satisfaction.

Improved processes

Our collaboration with Tinka brought specific knowledge on mobile applications and AWS CDK for microservices, leading to more streamlined processes and efficient development.

Enhanced collaboration

The successful partnership between HyperSense and Tinka has fostered a spirit of collaboration, with both teams working together to address challenges, share expertise, and drive innovation.

The Tinka mobile app has delivered both quantitative and qualitative benefits, showcasing the power of a well-designed and executed mobile solution in driving performance improvements, cost savings, and user satisfaction.

Lessons learned and best practices

Throughout our collaboration with Tinka, several key lessons and best practices have emerged, emphasizing the benefits of hiring HyperSense as a software and knowledge provider:

Leverage external expertise

Partnering with HyperSense enabled Tinka to access specialized knowledge in mobile app development and AWS CDK for microservices. This allowed Tinka to optimize their business processes and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Align methodologies and tools

Establishing a common ground in terms of Agile methodologies, communication tools, and project management systems (such as Jira and Slack) ensured seamless integration and efficient collaboration between the two teams.

Adapt team size based on project needs

The ability to scale the development team up or down based on Tinka's requirements allowed for cost optimization and ensured that the project was delivered efficiently and within budget constraints.

Invest in continuous improvement

Throughout the collaboration, both teams have been committed to refining the app's features and functionality, conducting A/B testing, and making data-driven decisions to enhance the user experience and drive ongoing success

Embrace open communication

Maintaining transparent communication channels between Tinka and HyperSense has been vital in ensuring smooth project execution, as it allowed for swift identification and resolution of any issues that arose during the project lifecycle.

Focus on security and reliability

Prioritizing the security and reliability of the Tinka app, through measures such as biometrics, regular penetration testing, and monitoring, has ensured the trust of users and the ongoing success of the platform.


These lessons and best practices demonstrate the value of partnering with a skilled software development company like HyperSense. By leveraging our expertise and fostering a strong collaborative relationship, Tinka has been able to optimize their business processes, enhance their product offering, and drive growth in their market.

Testimonials and feedback from stakeholders


Sebastiaan Bekker

Head of Technology @ Tinka


The final app successfully took work off customer service staff and appeals to users. The team's industry experience with mobile app development was clearly visible through their problem-solving capabilities. They hit all deadlines and regularly over-delivered on tasks.

Key Takeaways from Tinka Mobile App Development: Collaboration, Adaptability, and a User-Centric Approach

Reflecting on the overall experience and insights gained throughout the Tinka mobile app development project, several key takeaways stand out:

1. Seamless collaboration is crucial

The seamless cooperation between Tinka and HyperSense was instrumental in overcoming technical and organizational challenges. Both teams were committed to aligning their methodologies, tools, and communication, which facilitated a smooth development process.

2. Allocation adaptability and flexibility

The ability to scale up or down based on project requirements and resource constraints demonstrated the importance of adaptability and flexibility in software development projects. This enabled both teams to efficiently allocate resources, optimize costs, and meet project goals.

3. Domain knowledge acquisition

Gaining insights into Tinka's business-specific processes and operations helped HyperSense understand the company's unique needs and challenges. This understanding enabled the development of tailored solutions that addressed Tinka's specific requirements and optimized the app's performance.

4. Continuous improvement and innovation

The iterative approach taken throughout the development process, utilizing Agile Scrum methodology and A/B testing, ensured that the app's features and functionalities were continuously improved and adapted based on user feedback and data-driven insights.

5. Focus on user experience

Prioritizing user experience through the app's design and features proved vital in enhancing user satisfaction and driving user retention. The successful integration of biometrics, passwordless login, and user-friendly financial services contributed to the app's popularity among its users.

6. Importance of security and reliability

Ensuring the app's security and reliability was a critical aspect of the development process. Regular penetration testing, monitoring, and the implementation of advanced security features (such as KYC) helped establish trust among users and protect their sensitive data.

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