We help businesses and start-ups grow and improve through meaningful software solutions.


Who we are?

HyperSense is a solution oriented custom software development firm located in Bucharest, Romania.

We are your technical partner from day one and will help you develop your ideas into highly usable applications for web and mobile platforms.

Our vision:

Improving life through intuitive and highly usable software.

Our mission:

Deliver best-in-class software development services, focused on intuitively solving specific business needs, affordable for any business.

Our values:

  • Excellence at work
  • People-Centric Approach
  • Continuous Learning
  • Personal Involvement




Delivered Projects


Clients Recommend Us


1. Why should I trust your team to deliver best-in-class, well-executed software?

HyperSense is developing top-notch software solutions since 2003. We’ve worked with more than 100 clients from all corners of the world. The trustworthy DC based research firm Clutch.co ranked us a Top App Development company.

2. What’s your main expertise?

Our main expertise is the development of complex software solutions for web and mobile devices. We are working with Node.js, Angular, SWIFT and Kotlin (native mobile development languages) to deliver high-end custom software applications.

3. Are you willing to sign an NDA?

Yes, definitely. We are happy to do everything needed to ensure your Intellectual Property

4.What pricing models do you work with, and what payment types do you accept?

We prefer working with a Time and Materials contract. In some conditions we do work on Fixed Price contracts too. We accept wire transfers through our bank account in USD, EUR, GBP and RON.

5. Can I visit your office and meet with the team?

We are more than happy to schedule and accommodate on-site meetings. We believe that authentic human relations are improving the way we work together. On-site meetings are very helpful in the analysis phase of the project.

6. Will we have access to and own all the application’s source files?

Yes, you will have access to all project assets, including design files, code, diagrams, specs, etc. from day one. Also, you or your company will be the sole owner of the IP rights for all project assets.

We build solutions for our partners

  • Responsive
  • Angular.js
  • Web Animations

Sara Events - Stunning animations on a light-weight presentation website

We are developing responsive, stunning and visually impressive animated presentation websites on Angular.js. The websites are light-weight and are hosted on a static - no servers required - infrastructure. The Google PageSpeed score for the website is 95 for Desktop.

  • iOS
  • Node.js
  • Social apps

DayDate - Social dating application for iOS

DayDate is a social networking and dating application for iOS. We put a lot of effort into developing complex and visually appealing animations which create a great user experience. The application is developed in SWIFT using the latest native technologies. The backend was developed in Node.js.

  • iOS
  • Android

LBS Edge View - iOS and Android background location tracking mobile application

A mobile native application developed as part of location based service solution, EdgeSuite allows for GPS tracking while keeping a balance between battery consumption, accuracy and reliability.

If you would like to see more of our work please click the button below and visit our portfolio. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our projects please feel free to contact us.


Why work with us?

In-house staff

Our entire team works under one roof. We work faster and better when we directly interact with our colleagues. We tackle challenges together and every team member benefits from the collective knowledge and skill set of the entire team.

We are independent

HyperSense is a privately owned company. We are answerable to only one stakeholder, our customer. Our owners are directly involved in all aspects of our work, including client relationships, software architecture and mobile and web development.

Timezone doesn’t matter

We have experience working with customers from every corner of the world. We can make adjustments to compensate for the time zone difference and facilitate the communication and delivery process. Working with us will make you feel like you have a highly experienced software development department in your own office.

Located in Bucharest, Romania

Our location, in the capital city, allows us to offer better prices to our customers and select employees from the very vast pool of highly trained IT experts. We also benefit from the fastest internet in the EU, employees proficient in English, many great IT related universities and many other pro arguments.