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GoodFirms Interviews Andrei Neacsu Where He Shares His Business Insights

by Dragos Ruse
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GoodFirms Interviews CTO Andrei Neacsu HyperSense

Prefacing about his company, HyperSense Software, Andrei Neacsu takes proud as he shares of being a Chief Technical and Chief Operating Officer of a firm which applies a unique approach in aligning business knowledge and technical skills, himself setting an example of it. The firm HyperSense Software is end-to-end mobile app development and web development firm. Based in Romania, it was founded in 2003. Overall as an IT service providing firm, they provide a wide range of services ranging from web and mobile design to its development, quality assurance, and consultation.

Moving ahead, he introduces his role, duties, and model of working. Being an IT professional, he says, his work deals more with project consultation with clients looking upon their requirements in addition to leading the development teams. With a prolonged experience in it and hands-on experience in programming, Mr. Andrei has worked on multiple projects in various sectors like mobile applications, games, MySQL and DevOps. His past experience of leading teams in multiple parts of the world at the same time has today given him the expertise to lead the company so efficiently.

He mentions that the main aim behind establishing the firm was to provide high-end software development services with innovative ideas. Since inception till today, it has firmly believed in deploying only its in-house team and not outsourcing any projects. They believe that by doing this, they tackle all challenges together and simultaneous grow. Applying these business ethics leads them among top mobile app development companies in Romania owing to their sturdy mobile app development services. The research scorecard attached below proves the same.

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Along with this, the firm also provides awestriking service by creating attractive websites alluring the attention of aspiring clients. It has been renowned for providing services in the pre-defined time period. These web designs have led it among  top web design companies in Romania. Not only mobile apps and websites are its forte, but the firm also specializes in creating amazing software.

Andrei Neacsu’s take on choosing the right platform for software development, cost-cutting, and such other factors, have helped the company grow. Not only do we get a glimpse of the business model applied by the firm but also how their business model is better as compared to other market players servicing the same sectors. If one wants to know the languages and frameworks leading company as HyperSense Software uses, one must not fail to read this interview.

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