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The Advantages of Outsourcing and Working with a Technology Partner

by Andrei Neacsu
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Outsourcing and Working with a Technology Partner

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest” – Peter Drucker 

Who doesn’t know Peter Drucker? Likewise, the word ‘Outsourcing’ needs no introduction in the technology domain. And look what the legend says about outsourcing!

As a businessperson, you want to deliver the best to your clients. Often, you have to confront situations where you are trying to create a balance between what you can do and what you should not! But do you have a choice? Yes, if you outsource the activities which you cannot do the best.  

Moreover, as a business, you cannot isolate yourself from something that not only helps you grow but can take you to great heights. That’s the reason why businesses outsource.

And, there is much more to it! So, here are the reasons why you need a technology partner to outsource your significant projects.

1. Knowledge of Best Practices

Your technology partner knows the best practices in the industry. As an expert who has evolved with the emerging technologies, the outsourcing partner knows how to put these into practice.

But, how does the knowledge of best practices help? The answer is simple! You do not have to waste time and money on trial-and-error if your technology partner is well-versed with the best ways of working.

Similarly, you can be sure that your product will not fail to deliver if it is developed by experts who do the best.

Moreover, the best practices give you an edge over your competitors as your results exceed the client expectations.

Last and not least, using time-tested practices reduce the chances of failure. It ensures quality from the earliest stages, instead of putting quality tests in the end. 

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No, this is not all. You can expect the technology partner to cover your limitations. And, an excellent technology partner, who is aware of the best practices, ensures that you get the most out of the partnership!

2. Experience

The value of experience in outsourcing to a technology partner is not just about the new technologies, frameworks, or languages. The best technology partner has experience of scheduling, costing, market trends, deployment, and change management.

Most businesses believe how they are doing is the best way of doing the project. This becomes a hindrance in their way to success. Success is in continuous improvement, which includes learning from others instead of getting complacent about how we do our things.

An experienced technology partner is someone you can learn from. You can get fresh ideas, new perspectives, and innovative solutions to your problems.

3. Cost Savings  

Outsourcing saves you substantial costs associated with in-house software development; especially if you are in the USA or Europe where the cost of technically qualified human resource is very high.

By outsourcing software or app development, you can eliminate the high infrastructure costs and operational costs of the business. Training your in-house team for every new technology is difficult, time-consuming, and costly. Time is money; all businesses know the value of time.

Plus, in-house development may not give quick and effective results as expertise and experience with new technologies takes time to develop. 

4. Healthy Work Relationship

The best technology partners assist your business with healthy work relationships. They work in close collaboration and allow you to get involved in all the stages of the project.

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Once you have already completed a project with a technology partner, you are in a position to objectively decide to hire them for future projects.

Thus the outcome of the technology partner relationship is not limited to a product, software, or an app. Trust develops between the outsourcing partners if the project is successful.

A healthy outsourcing relationship can be leveraged further in the future if you have to decide on taking up a new and challenging project, and you are unsure of whether you have the capability of managing it in-house.

Future collaborations with the same technology partners have better chances of success as they are familiar with each other’s working styles, expectations, capabilities, and limitations.   


The idea of outsourcing and technology partnership is not new to any of us. But, some businesses are apprehensive about whether they should go for a technology partner for their next project.

Well, the decision is not easy if you are doing it for the first time. But, after knowing the benefits of outsourcing, you would not want to miss the opportunity!

The best examples of outsourcing are the software and app development services, which are reaping the benefits of outsourcing the most.

On the other hand, you will find the top app developers offering technology partnership as that builds their expertise in high-quality projects.

You have everything to gain from outsourcing if you hire the best technology partner. Don’t wait any longer! 

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Jin Markov is a Content Writer with GoodFirms, a research firm in the USA. He has an experience of 6 years and has been writing on cutting-edge technologies.

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