8 Types of Mobile App Animations

8 Types of Mobile App Animations

A great mobile app isn’t packed just with good UX, a nice UI and outstanding code, it should also be interactive. How we manage to do that? With mobile app animations, of course.

Animations in a mobile app have a logical and clear purpose. They reduce cognitive load, prevents change blindness and establish a better recall in spatial relationships. Animations also bring UI to life.

But don’t get carried away, a successful mobile app runs animations where it’s necessary. In order to create an app with animations, you need to understand what type of animations are better for each function.

But enough chatter, here is a list with some great animations we use in our projects:

iPhone animation - Magento iPhone App Add to Cart Animation

A quick and simple animation that informs the user when the online cart is being updated.

iPhone Cryptocurrency Prototype - Info Bubble Animation

Popup bubbles allows the user to get extra information in an interactive format, without navigating to another screen.

iPhone micro-interaction - Cards Style iOS Control

An intuitive alternative to presenting large quantities of information. The sample displays detail cards, but this can also be used for completing multi-stepped information.

iPhone micro-interaction - Cards style iOS control 2

Designed to present information in a style that allows the user to skim through the pages, this is a modern alternative to the native mobile page controllers.

iPhone Music Player Micro-interaction

Inspired by iOS option menu, this allows for a more integrated design, while maintaining a classic mobile feel.

Magento iOS Demo App - UI Design microinteractions

A custom build 2 step drawer that can be used to display condensed or detailed information. Integrated with a quick hand guide that simulates an actual user.

iOS Coupon app - Redeem discount

Flip cards can be used to indicate the state of the application or to switch between different aspects of an item. The animation is available on all axes.

iOS Social Network - Feed Custom Controls

Spinning menus allows the application to save screen space by displaying only the relevant controls. Transitioning between states uses a combination of rotation and fade.


If you wish to see more mobile app animations in action, please contact us and we will send you a demo.