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Exploring the Concept of Dedicated Development Teams: Understanding Their Purpose and Functionality

by Dragos Ruse
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The Concept of Dedicated Development Teams HyperSense

What happens during a typical hiring process for an internal development team? In general, you first lay out all of your specifications for the product or service you want to create, along with the technologies it will need, and then you start looking for people who have the proper skills to join your new development team.

After that, you’ll have to choose from a huge amount of resumes & applicants for each position you need to cover. Even if you complete the aforementioned steps and are successful in hiring every specialist for your team, you will still need to handle HR administrative responsibilities like contracts, holidays, illness leave, and ensuring cultural fit.

Here, we want to emphasize that employing an internal development team is time-consuming and expensive. However, it appears that an internal team might look like an ideal choice for development initiatives. In some cases, they best meet your needs while coordinating with your objectives.

What if, however, we informed you that there was a superior choice? What if you could consider hiring specialists quickly and for a smaller amount of what it would cost to hire in-house staff? Might appear to be too good to be true, but that’s certainly conceivable. And having a dedicated development team is the right solution to achieve this.

Do you want to learn more about dedicated development teams, as well as how they may assist you in achieving your objectives without spending a lot of time and money doing so? Find out by reading this article!

The meaning of a Dedicated Development Team

A dedicated team, also known as a dedicated development team, is basically a group of people who are technically competent, are under your guidance, and will work with your current team to build a digital product. Your whole engineering department might be made up of this dedicated development team, or they may scale up or down, adding skill to your current staff. Without worrying about HR admin activities like recruitment, hiring, onboarding, or training efforts & expenses, you may hire a dedicated development team based on business needs.

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You can create dedicated teams for designing & testing your app. But engineering & development dedicated teams are the ideal use cases because they need the most effort, time, and ultimate resources.

Also, dedicated development teams have reasonable costs. Due to the fact that, in comparison to in-house personnel, you only pay for the work they perform, either a pay rate or a mutually agreed-upon fee. So in this case you won’t pay for recruitment, hiring, insurance, retention, or other employee-related costs. Discover additional information in The Advantages of Externalizing Software Development and Design blog.

Offshoring versus dedicated development teams

Offshoring may appear like employing a specialized development crew, but it’s not quite the same. Contracting a remote team from another nation is known as off-shoring. Collaborating with developers who are located outside of your own country or region and frequently across multiple time zones is referred to as off-shoring. Offshoring enables businesses to assemble a group of remote developers for a lower cost than hiring employees internally.

Building your own remote, off-shore staff can be challenging, just like assembling an in-house team of developers. To cover every part of your project, you must make sure you assemble the right crew. You can encounter linguistic and cultural difficulties based on where your developers are placed. Communication can be very difficult if your developers are located in a time zone that is many hours ahead of or behind you.

At HyperSense Software, we work with clients in all time zones, so we make the ideal partners for businesses in the US, UK, Europe, and more. Additionally, when you partner with a dedicated team like the ones we provide here at HyperSense, we make sure you have access to the proper specialists at every phase of your project.

What professionals you’ll find in a dedicated development team

Here are the positions that might be added to build a dedicated development team for your business. Depending on your needs, the size of the team members could vary, as well as their responsibilities. 

Product Manager

Product managers assist in the planning and execution of the whole product lifecycle. They pinpoint the client requirements and other business goals you want to achieve with your product and make sure it meets your standards.

Project Manager

Project managers assist in the planning, execution, control, monitoring, and, most importantly, the timely and cost-effective completion of the project.

Frontend developer

The client side of the product or app is the main focus of frontend developers. They work on the user interface and other aspects of what people see & interact with (text fields, buttons, and more). Their User Interface (UI) work aids in defining the app’s User Experience (UX).

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Backend developer

The software development tasks as well as the server management are handled by backend developers.

UI/UX Designer

An app’s visual design is decided by UI designers, while UX designers concentrate on the user experience. They use the software application just as a real user would do, and make suggestions for enhancements to boost the end-user experience.

DevOps Engineer

Industry best practices known as DevOps, greatly accelerate and optimize the software development process. Additionally, a DevOps engineer executes DevOps throughout the entire lifecycle of the software development, taking on duties relating to IT security, cloud computing, architecture, CI/CD pipelines, and more.

QA Tester

A Quality Assurance Tester should be a part of every dedicated development team. QA testers support developers in identifying and resolving UI flaws as well as all kinds of bugs. They assist in developing test cases and continuously running them to guarantee a flawless, superior finished result.

The reasons to hire a dedicated development team

We will show you below some of the best benefits of hiring a dedicated development team:

Easy access to industry experts

You can access skills that your internal team might not have, thanks to the dedicated team approach. Once we are aware of your requirements, we may select skilled experts from our team of skilled developers who are the ideal fit for your project. Additionally, the professionals you hire will focus solely on your assignment and nothing else. The devotion & expertise will serve in the creation of a superior quality digital product.

Move more quickly or effectively

You may increase efficiency and considerably cut down on development time by employing dedicated development teams who are skilled at what they do. This can make it easier for you to launch your product to the market faster.

Greater adaptability and simple scaling

Having a dedicated development team ensures your access to dedicated software developers and other specialists who will completely adapt to your suggestions and add or delete features whenever needed. Additionally, scalability is made simpler by dedicated development teams that enable resource addition or removal. Discover all you need to know about App Scalability in Custom Software Development.

Preserve money and minimize financial risk

Because you must handle administrative duties, pay competitive compensation, cover insurance, put up infrastructure, do employee onboarding, and more, hiring internal staff can be costly.

Since you only pay for the work completed, hiring a dedicated development team is cheaper and helps you minimize your financial risk.

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Processes & tools that have been tested before

If you hire a dedicated development team that is reliable, they have probably collaborated on projects that are comparable to yours. The team will be familiar with the tools and procedures that work best for them because they have previous experience together. They have an advantage in terms of comprehending, planning, and carrying out your project thanks to the current structure, which leads to greater outcomes for you.

When should you bring on dedicated development teams?

Regardless of the stage your project is in, a dedicated team can support you. We frequently work with clients that have a timeline and a plan in place, clients who have a user interface and wireframes, as well as with clients who have just begun their product definition process. Learn more about How To Build An App Wireframe.

However, it can change. Consider a scenario in which product development has just begun after the product definition. The design phases were finished, but you need to move more rapidly than your internal team can handle. You can step up the pace and reach your goals more quickly with the aid of a dedicated development team.

You can get in touch with a dedicated development team at any stage of the app-building process to streamline it.

Of course, different businesses use dedicated teams to achieve various objectives. For instance:

  1. Utilizing a dedicated development staff may be the best option for early-stage startups. You can more effectively build your product with a dedicated team, as well as skip the drawn-out and expensive hiring procedure. Therefore, your own team may concentrate on the current responsibilities as your dedicated team takes care of the rest.
  2. Dedicated development teams are a fantastic alternative if you are an established organization with a long-term concept for a project but are unsure how much resources & time it will require. Dedicated development teams can scale up or down as needed over time since they are adaptable to meet your needs.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide when to contract a dedicated development team. A good, committed team will work with you as an addition to your own team, helping you finish the project as efficiently as possible, regardless of where you are during the development process.

So if you read our article and understood all the advantages that come with hiring a dedicated development team, we suggest that you save time & money by getting one soon. Contact us and let’s discover together how your dedicated development team should be assembled in order to successfully launch your new digital product.

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