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Dedicated Development Teams. How Does the Partnership Work

by Dragos Ruse
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Partnership with HyperSense Dedicated Development Team

Your dedicated development team will work with you to create any necessary digital solutions and will remain by your side the entire time.

In this article, we’ll talk about how collaboration with a dedicated development team really works. In this manner, you can be prepared for working with your dedicated development team and gain an understanding of how it will proceed from the beginning.

But, bear in mind that because we are connecting with you, we are pleased to support your development process. We’ll collaborate with you in any way you choose to work.

The HyperSense dedicated team process

Let’s begin by analyzing the process of a dedicated development team at HyperSense. The fundamental procedures that we follow with each of our clients are these:

  1. Spanning development and sales
  2. Introductions & onboarding
  3. Phase of development

Depending on your requirements and where you are in the process, some steps may take longer than others. But regardless of where you are, we have discovered that this method is the most efficient approach to launching your product.

Spanning development and sales

To begin with, we’ll collaborate with you to choose the members of your committed team. For that, we’ll assign you a Solutions Architect who will collaborate with you to identify your needs, comprehend your objectives, explore whether you already have a process in place, and finally give you the tools and team you need to succeed.

With this knowledge, the Solutions Architect will pinpoint internal HyperSense team members that can give you the know-how to launch your product.

This procedure is not identical for two people, as you could anticipate. It’s a highly customized method that will fit your requirements, objectives, and project goals.

Introductions & onboarding

When the project is ready to begin, HyperSense will dedicate a week to working on it exclusively internally.

This involves reviewing all of the meetings you’ve had with our teams, the notes the solution architect took during those sessions, and any other data you’ve given us.

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We’ll examine the components that this project needs as well as any potential technical difficulties.

By doing so, we can make sure that everyone is prepared to begin, has the necessary information, and is on the same track.

Also, you won’t need to keep reiterating the same ideas. We’ll check to see that your team is informed so you can concentrate on starting work and giving instructions.

After that, we’ll hold a meeting to start your project and introduce you to your dedicated development team.

Phase of development

At this point, our feet begin to leave the ground and we begin to move forward. This phase also varies greatly from customer to client, as you might anticipate. Your wants, demands, difficulties, scope, and, of course, the advancement you’ve previously achieved on your end, will all be factors.

If you don’t yet have any designs, then that’s where we’ll start. Your HyperSense team will begin developing concepts & wireframes for your product in collaboration with you and the data you’ve already supplied.

If you do have designs prepared, our staff will start working on the essential elements of your product immediately as per your instructions.

Developing communication procedures, modifying designs to fit the underlying technology, and starting the development, backlog, and release schedule are all included in this. We will provide you with whatever support you require.

Check-ins with your dedicated development team every week

You’ll meet with your team once a week (or more, if necessary), and they’ll check in with you and give you an update on various project-related progress and specifics. You won’t ever be taken off guard or in the dark this way.

These regular meetings’ main objective is to ensure that your project is continuously adjusting and realigning.

This is crucial because as your project develops, new things will constantly come and change, needing flexibility.

Also, we offer a Slack channel where we can communicate and collaborate in real-time in between sessions.

You will have access to a HyperSense Product Manager if you have a dedicated engineering staff, which is another fantastic benefit. 

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The member whose primary responsibility it is to represent your interests during development is your voice within HyperSense.

They’ll be there when you can’t be, making sure the work never deviates from your vision and assisting with process re-alignment and adjustment as necessary.

Collaboration, communication, and transparency

Our primary goals are to be open to communication and collaboration, as well as transparency in everything we do, so value these ideals while constantly improving them. All of HyperSense’s actions are based on these principles. Find out more valuable information by reading The Advantages of Externalizing Software Development & Design on the blog.

You and your dedicated development team will always be informed of what is occurring, evolving, and operating.

And working together is the only way for these values to function effectively as intended. Your dedicated development team should be seen as an extension of your own team.

We’re here to collaborate and work in unison with you.

The fact that we’re not just providing you with a team of engineers is one of the things that makes working with HyperSense such a wonderful and worthwhile experience.

We offer the knowledge, insight, and experience necessary to keep everything organized, on schedule, and in accordance with your specifications.

The teams and tools you need are available at HyperSense.

Assembling the ideal team, talent, and tools for a project is very challenging.

We have already done all the labor-intensive work for you as a result. Working with HyperSense allows you to entrust the most difficult aspects of development to capable hands.

Our main objective is to give you the knowledge and resources you need in order to succeed and add value to your company.

Regardless of where you are or how much progress you have or haven’t made with your project till now, we are certain that we can help you achieve that goal.

Iterative processes are encouraged at HyperSense Software. We are aware that you might not be fully knowledgeable about your project at first. 

And even when you believe you do, a lot can alter over the process. Because of this, we make a strong effort to maintain flexibility, adapting to changes rather than collapsing in the face of them. This is what we do:

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Making changes

Adjustments might be necessary at different times when your product is being developed. We always collaborate with you to make sure that these changes enhance your product without ever jeopardizing your criteria or demands.

Present fresh concepts

We’ll always try to improve processes, make things more efficient, make things simpler, and come up with fresh ideas for features that you might not have thought of or believed were feasible for your project.

It’s a fantastic method to advance your goods and produce something completely unique. In the end, we are here to assist you and make sure your efforts are effective.

Adopt new technological innovations

We constantly explore methods to incorporate cutting-edge technology into your project since we enjoy working with it. If you feel like you’re not so familiar with technology, try reading Tech Intro for Non-Tech Entrepreneurs and discover what every concept really means.  

We constantly explore for new approaches to put you at the forefront of your sector while still developing the software you desire. If we come across something that would help your digital product, we will discuss it with you.

All businesses need digital transformation to stimulate growth and bring new customers from all the available environments where they might look for a product like yours. Enrich your vision by reading the blog we wrote on Digital Transformation Through Mobile Apps.

Choose HyperSense Software as your development partner

Discover how a HyperSense dedicated development team can advance your concept, turn it into a project, and work with you to build a product by getting in touch with our team of professionals. Reach us for IT Consultancy, Software Development & Design, and for the Lifetime Management of your Product. Book a meeting with us to share your idea.

We are ready to collaborate with you! Are you too?

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