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Product Manager’s Role In Developing Successful Applications

by Dragos Ruse
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You might wonder what’s the Product Manager’s role in a software company, what are his key responsibilities and how can he help you make your dream come true: developing a successful software application. Your company might need native iOS & Android app, a Web app, even a cross-platform app or a customized software solution to unlock another level of growth inside your business. In any of these cases, we are here to help you achieve your goal.

Basically the HyperSense Software Product Manager gathers the project team and sets them up for success with the right mindset. The objective is to complete your project with what you and your customers need, as well as adding the beautiful details that make the customized software application unique.

To discover exactly how our Product Managers help during the design and development processes of a new application, keep reading this article.

Discovering what to Create

Through the first steps of your HyperSense Software product building process — the Discovery Phase — the Product Manager helps define the digital product that is about to be built, starting from the idea that you bring to the table and planning several directions to help us find the best solution for the needs of your company and its customers.

Product Managers usually simplify the specifications to create the napkin idea, which is a great tool for those who want to start leading to an impactful project. Targeting a certain market by doing a research on the competitors helps to identify the main features needed by your application to stimulate the interests and attract your potential customers.

After having a clear vision on the app that needs to be created, the Product Manager will team up with designers and ‘translate’ the ideas into their working language. A design concept & wireframes of the project will be presented before going deeper into the development process of the new app. 

A good understanding of how the digital product will look and work with its features will be gained after this phase is completed. Prepare to be excited and thrilled because you are one step closer to having your own app.

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Working together (Product Manager + You + Design + Engineering)

After the looks and features of your new application are defined, the design team continues with their next step: transforming the wireframes into full grown UI & UX. 

During the Design Phase, the Product Manager facilitates transforming your own vision of the application into the digital product, while advising you about the design possibilities and their effect on the app’s user experience.

Constant check-ins are being made to validate the project’s ideal direction for the future customers, and the confirmation of alignment with the industry’s best practices & requirements helps with further evolving on the product’s design and development.  

As your Product Manager starts putting together the documentation for the next phase, the Software Engineers and QA Analysts come in to do their parts.

The orchestration of the following complex work continues to be done by the Product Manager and different approaches that depend on the type of application being created may apply to suit the particularities of the digital product.

In most of the cases, the team starts with the Backend which is the foundation of the application and continues to build from there. The coordination work is essential to make sure that the work is harmonized between the teams that build their parts on different platforms, while all details are being checked by the QA analysts.

Your application reaches this stage where many teams work together with the Product Manager who’s role becomes crucial in deciding & defining the tasks that have to be performed at the same time to determine the smoothness for the development.

Communication is essential

The key to make sure that you and the HyperSense Software team keep a good tracking progress as well as a great working relationship is the clear, complete and consistent communication. The changes that may occur as the project building advances are being agreed during project statuses where we don’t lose sight of the big picture: the product release. 

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Depending on what is set up at the beginning, you can be invited to the team meetings, demo or planning, so the Product Manager will take care of you to always be up-to-date with all the progress from the wireframes to the project deployment. 

When it comes to the tools used, the Product Manager can give you view access on the Figma design files, also a source code or any preview role in any third might software we might use to complete the project. 

For some owners it might seem overwhelming to track the big amount of information provided by the Product Manager, so some of them prefer just to have a glimpse from time to time and keep up with the updates or changes along the way through a smooth communication process.

The documentation will be organized and shared with you by the Product Manager in a way that’s easy to navigate for each project phase. He does all this effort to make sure that the overview of the project status is clear at every stage or project timing.  

The app is completed. Ready to launch it?

You know it’s time to go live with the new application when development is completed, so this is an exciting part for both of us. Depending on the type of app we created together, the next steps might be a little different.

If we build a mobile app, the Product Manager makes sure that the app is deployed to Google Play & App Store, while giving the best recommendations on how the app should be listed and measured properly to determine its growth. The KPIs & metrics you should track will be correctly identified and put at your service throughout the digital product’s lifecycle. 

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If we build a web app, the successful release & deployment is taken care of by your Product Manager who monitors the app’s status, as well as communicates any changes to you right away.

As we are aware that the deployment stage is an important milestone for your business, the Product Manager makes sure everything blends nicely as he is always there for you to wrap up the project. Consider receiving the whole knowledge and tools to navigate through a successful path with your new app.


HyperSense Software Product Managers are experienced in defining and building excellent communication with our clients as well as fantastic products for them and their excited users. The whole process gets to be owned by them while organizing the teams, overcoming any challenges together and making sure that your idea is taken to a superior level where the ownership mindset succeeds. 

An app idea may have come to you during the reading of this interesting article, so don’t hesitate to share it with us and let’s start making that dream become reality.

Contact us to find out more about what we do and how we can help you!

Image by Bruno Emanuelle on Unplash

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