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Bird Quest Match 3 Game


A fun and addictive game suitable for all ages, genders, devices and locations.

Bird Quest Match 3 Game offers over 100 levels, 6 islands, 15 quests, 12 hero characters, 10 states (gameplays), 4 special items, 2 villeins. The combination of all this makes for a great variation of gameplayes and challenges.

UI and UX were designed based on the concepts “if it’s not there something is missing* to provide the user with a game that doesn’t feel crowded or eye-tiring.

Offering full offline functionality the game can be enjoyed with limited or no connectivity while users comute.

Fully customise analytics system allows the publisher company to keep track of

– iAP

– level progression

– ads

– item usage

– item generation

– bonus collecting

– social network value

An AI was developed and is used for determining the level of complexity and difficulty. This AI, alongside user and development testing resulted in an environment that gives the user a sense of progress.

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