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Custom Taxi Hailing App: iOS and Android Solutions for Real-time Ride Requests

About the project

HyperSense Software has developed a cutting-edge taxi hailing app for iOS and Android platforms, designed to alleviate urban traffic stress and streamline the process of requesting rides. Similar to Uber, this easy-to-use app connects clients with nearby drivers, offering real-time communication and location tracking. Due to confidentiality agreements, we cannot disclose the app's name.

Key Features of the Custom Taxi Hailing App

The custom taxi hailing app offers a variety of features tailored to create a seamless and efficient ride-hailing experience, including:

  1. User-friendly Interface: The intuitive UI makes it easy for clients to search for nearby drivers and request rides, while drivers can effortlessly accept or reject ride requests;
  2. Real-time Communication: A custom server enables real-time communication between clients and drivers, ensuring timely updates on request status, designated driver, ETA, distance, and the route;
  3. Location Tracking: Clients can view the locations of available drivers, allowing them to make informed decisions when requesting a ride;
  4. Pick-up Request: The app allows users to request pick-ups from any location, providing a flexible and convenient transportation solution;
  5. Route Optimization: The app incorporates route optimization algorithms, ensuring that drivers take the most efficient routes, and minimizing wait times and travel durations.

HyperSense Software's Role in the Taxi Hailing App Development

As an industry-leading software development company, HyperSense Software was responsible for every aspect of this custom taxi hailing app's development, including:

  • UI/UX Design: Our design team crafted a user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless experience for both clients and drivers;
  • iOS and Android App Development: We developed the app using native technologies for both platforms, guaranteeing optimal performance and compatibility;
  • Custom Server Development: Our team built a custom server to facilitate real-time communication between clients and drivers, providing constant updates and enhancing the user experience;
  • Quality Assurance and Testing: Our QA team conducted rigorous testing to ensure the app's reliability, functionality, and compliance with industry standards;
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance: HyperSense Software continues to provide ongoing support and maintenance, keeping the app up-to-date with the latest technological advancements.

Dedicated Development Team: Partnership Facilitated by HyperSense

Our HyperSense Software dedicated development team partnered up with the Taxi Hailing team, putting innovative ideas and observations to the table that contributed to the faultless production of this digital solution.

If your project requires a dedicated team to work alongside you as an extension of your own team, read How, Why, and When Should You Partner With a Dedicated Development Team on our blog to learn more.

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UBER-like Mobile App - Map
Ride Sharing App - Driver Accepted Request Screen
Ride Sharing App - Driver View
UBER-like app - Add Card Screen

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