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How, Why And When Should You Partner With a Dedicated Development Team

by Dragos Ruse
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When Should You Partner With a Dedicated Development Team HyperSense

Do you want to launch an app design, but creating an internal development team would take too long, be too expensive, or not make much sense strategically in the short or long term?

Is your internal team’s bandwidth being used to its fullest potential?

Do you wish to upgrade a current digital product with new technologies as functionality offered for your users, but lack the necessary internal skills & expertise?

These are very typical situations that are encountered by both startups and large corporations. In any instance, having access to a skilled and dependable engineering team might assist you in reaching your objective.

Yes, you could invest the time and energy into assembling a team of numerous developers from abroad or begin the internal hiring process.

On the surface, that could appear to be a good deal, but the cost & time could be substantial.

Actually, you could employ a design & development partner to produce the entire product. But keep in mind that if the early stages of the software development process need to be redone, this will take up money & valuable time. 

The dedicated development team may hold the key to the solution.

We’ll examine the importance of a committed development team in this blog, and also how & where it might provide value.

Defining a Dedicated Development Team

Staff augmentation is not a novel idea. It is a well-established industry that experienced a boom during the epidemic; nevertheless, while the premise is generally correct, actual results may not always be as successful.

Imagine that you’ve assembled a remote, augmented team that includes one or two programmers, a UI designer, a UX designer, and a QA specialist.

These people won’t have ever worked together and won’t have any common working methods. Budget for creating team standards, setting up tools & procedures, trying to standardize and improve, basically everything during the onboarding phase.

To put it nicely, starting an app development project this way can be expensive and time-consuming.

Better options exist that reduce expense and risk while significantly enhancing value; for example at HyperSense, this option takes the form of a dedicated development team.

A dedicated team, in our definition, is a superteam of gifted product experts who have been hand-selected to meet the needs of your project.

A Tech Lead and one or two engineers with practical experience building the kind of product you wish to create are often found on dedicated development teams.

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The size and complexity of your project will ultimately determine the number of developers needed, but depending on your requirements, it may also be advantageous to add a PO (Product Owner) & a QA (Quality Assurance) specialist.

From the beginning until the launch of your project and beyond, your HyperSense developers are committed to it.

They cooperate well with their colleagues and gain from the collective wisdom of their fellow HyperSensers to create the finest digital product for your app. The dedicated development team’s only goal is to DELIVER.

Benefits of working with a dedicated development team from HyperSense Software

Businesses can anticipate the following when choosing the dedicated team option over employee augmentation:

Risk reduction: This succeeds on a number of levels. The dedicated team concept, built on a strong foundation of teamwork, lowers the possibility of recruiting errors. Additionally, it reduces the risk in product development since people are more likely to trust one another and follow a solid set of repeatable procedures when working together. The shorter the time it takes to reach the market, the less money will be lost during the process.

Outstanding talent access: You are collaborating with the best developers when you work with a dedicated HyperSense team. You don’t have to because we found, examined, hired & trained these professionals to meet our high standards.

Tested procedures & tools: For almost twenty years, HyperSense has been creating enjoyable digital experiences. This means that we have created the best tools, approaches, and procedures in addition to many valuable digital items! Our dedicated development team makes sure that clients don’t have to be concerned about project planning or what equipment they might be lacking.

We also offer consultancy services that are very valuable before starting to work in a certain direction, so you might as well learn more about IT Consultancy and The Business Benefits in Software Development. This article should answer many of the questions you might have at the moment.

When does our dedicated development team model benefit large & small businesses?

The hire of a professional development team has special project-level advantages in addition to the ones we have discussed. Velocity, scalability, and competence are the best terms to describe these benefits.

Velocity: You’ll probably discover that projects & the builds inside some inexperienced teams will take longer to complete. Dispersed teams are not simply slower to get going. Time zone differences, the lack of confidence & experience, or communication issues could be to blame for this. A dedicated development team is the greatest method to deliver when you need to work quickly and effectively.

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Scalability: When you collaborate with one of our dedicated development teams, the full HyperSense Software team is here to support you. We’re flexible when it comes to scalability if you need extra personnel available for specific development phases. The same flexibility is applied if you decide to cut back to 2 full-time developers after your product was launched; the software developers’ support size can be tailored to your particular requirements.

Skills: Because each project has specific requirements, we take the time to learn about your needs in order to create the best team structure for you. With a HyperSense dedicated development team, you won’t lack any skills because we have them all in the right place.  Where necessary, we can even bring in additional HyperSense teams, like UI/UX designers.

How do these advantages apply to various business types?

Startups frequently need to launch rapidly, yet they may not have the internal engineering staff (or even a CTO) to create their MVP (minimum viable product).

A dedicated development team is the best option and can be a startup’s secret weapon because it can produce a solid MVP with little expense. If you work in fintech, learn more on our blog about Why Build a Mobile App For Your Fintech Business

On the other side, established businesses frequently turn to us whenever they need to introduce a new digital product on the market but their in-house engineering staff is already at capacity.

There are several reasons why a business would need to launch a new or improved product rapidly. It can be enabling a new source of income or the outcome of shifting consumer demands.

In contrast to the costly and time-consuming process of expanding an internal staff, HyperSense can simply incorporate a dedicated development team. Of course, after the project is complete, this may be needed or not. 

The dedicated development team approach might be advantageous in some situations that small & medium-sized businesses face. In these situations, hiring a team with specialized knowledge that your internal team might lack is common and very useful to keep your project moving in the right direction.

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An SMB will rarely be successful in trying to retain individual technology professionals by trying to incorporate them into current teams. They frequently require equipment and procedures that the company does not currently have.

It makes sense to take into account a dedicated development team with this knowledge given the advancement of new technologies that can provide you a competitive edge.

The crew will be pre-screened, competent, working quickly, and knowledgeable about the technology that can change the game for your company. Discover everything you need to know about The Advantages of Externalizing Software Development & Design on our blog.

Ready for a dedicated development team?

We will discover during or after an initial online meeting whether or not your company is prepared for a dedicated development team. Usually, Typically, a product becomes ready for development (as well as for a dedicated development team) after the following assets are provided: a customer journey mapprototype, or wireframes, and the user navigation flows.

Our full service for project delivery is possibly a better choice if you haven’t finished the aforementioned development process steps.

Book a meeting with a HyperSense member and let us help you in your present process, understand your current situation, and evaluate the assets you may already own.

Depending on the type of project we begin working on together, the success of our actions can happen within a few months, while for more complex & expanding digital products our collaboration may continue for years, helping your company in the long term with software upgrades, new features, and optimizations, as the project continues to evolve. Everything relies on your project’s objectives. As the market demands or the project develops, some of these requirements may modify in the future.

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