Analysis Tools

Analysis Tools

Businesses of today are considerably more complex and difficult to handle manually than those of the past. There is a continuous need for quick and reliable statistical analysis because the majority of statistics are now available in digital formats.

We, as digital enablers, advise employing cutting-edge analytical tools and analyses that can let you spend time on analysis rather than gathering resources. You can increase your business chances and strengthen your analytical and decision-making skills in marketing in this way.

Let’s talk about Business Analysis

Any industry's business analysis identifies the company's needs and offers solutions that have been modified to take into account technological advancements. Business analysis is crucial in the long run to solve difficulties in the majority of businesses.

The procedure also entails modifying organizational structures, improvement procedures, and policies. These duties are carried out by the business analyst.

The proper business analyst tools can help you improve the functionality of your website and your company. For each project, a specific business analyst is assigned.

Business analysts are aware of how the appropriate instrument affects business operations and analytical methods.

Working with a business analyst for your organization can be extremely beneficial. Business studies can save expenses for initial requirements and boost ROI. By offering a framework for business process analysis and predicting upcoming issues, business analytics may also help businesses make better decisions.

We have covered a few well-liked business analysis techniques that can provide rapid and accurate analysis in order to make your task more manageable:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • MOST Analysis
  • PEST Analysis
  • MosCow
  • VPEC-T Analysis
  • Heptalysis
  • Catwoe
  • DeBono’s Six Thinking Hats
  • Five Whys
  • SCRS Analysis

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is primarily used to assess the internal and external factors affecting your business. To build and implement new ideas, this business analysis solution is employed in the early stages of marketing.

To wrap up the analysis, four crucial factors—strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and prospective threats—are taken into account. The internal variables that you have control over include your strengths and weaknesses. Threats and opportunities, on the other hand, are viewed as external factors because they fluctuate and depend on external actions.

MOST Analysis

Use this business analysis tool to conduct internal analysis and assess whether your company has the proper workflow. Mission, Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics is abbreviated as MOST.

This business analytics solution is suited for internal analysis, where business owners may determine how they want to run their company, what goals they want to achieve, the road map to get there, and how to carry them out.

PEST Analysis

Political, economic, social, and finally technical analysis is referred to by the acronym PEST. This strategy is mostly used to assess how external influences affect the performance of the organization.

You may run into a variety of external factors throughout this business analysis technique that could either directly or indirectly affect your company. We have provided the following information that may be useful to your company in relation to this analysis:

  • Political: You gain a better understanding of your present and potential future market conditions through this examination. The workflow for your company can be determined using this knowledge.
  • Economical: A thorough financial analysis enables you to see both large- and small-scale issues simultaneously.
  • Sociological: Examining sociological aspects can help you understand consumer trends and hot themes in your neighborhood. You will be helped in your decision-making process and be able to quickly come to better judgments.
  • Technology: It's critical to keep up with the latest developments in technologies that are applicable to or embraced by your industry. By doing this, you may use automated processes, take advantage of the newest technologies, and maintain the quick pace necessary to remain a market leader.


You may manage all business duties efficiently and correctly by using this business analysis technique. List all of your tasks, evaluate them, and then choose which ones to finish first depending on the mutually agreed-upon deadline.

You should keep in mind the following during this analysis: Must have, Should have, Could have, and last but not least, won't have.

VPEC-T Analysis

This business analysis approach works best when observing various expectations and taking into account various viewpoints regarding a specific system. The name stands for principles, activities, content, and trust.

We have included further detail:

  • Values: Regardless of their department or the nature of the problem, members are requested to express their thoughts on the beliefs, objectives, and current issues.
  • Policies: This component influences the ability to scale up initiatives.
  • Events: The next step is to align the policies in the proper sequence after you have clarity on them.
  • Content: Use relatable and acceptable information that is relevant to your business.
  • Trust: Your audience's & internal team's trust is crucial to the success of your businesses.

Before using this business analysis for your company, it's critical to clarify your goals. By doing it this way, you can successfully find the appropriate solution to your business challenge and avoid becoming aimless during the business analysis process.


You can use a model to study and evaluate your critical aspects before you launch your firm. Seven key factors—the market's breadth, the service or product, the execution strategy, the economic engine, the workforce, the possible result, and the margin of safety—are then examined to conclude the research.


People are helped by this business analysis technique since it forces them to think creatively and innovatively. In the commercial world of today, having the best concepts, ingenious plans, or top-notch goods is not sufficient for success. To expand your business, you must also think strategically and creatively.

You can come up with new ideas with the aid of this tactic. This analytical tool may aid in the development of fresh marketing strategies, the creation of engaging content, and the positioning of your business as a leader in your sector.

Customers, actors, transformation process, world view, owners, and environmental constraints are its six key components.

De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats

This approach works best for fixing problems; while it can be useful for spotting potential business ideas, it typically lacks detailed instructions for how to put such ideas into action.

Utilizing this business analysis technique will help you produce creative ideas during the brainstorming phase, assess them, and narrow your choices down to the best ones. However, it's possible that this analytical tool restricts people from thinking in certain paths.

These six moods—pure and logical facts, emotions, creativity, positivity, negativity, and the ability to connect—are necessary for the full application of De Bono's Six Thinking Hats.

The Five Whys

When confronted with significant issues, you must concentrate. It is impossible to complete the task if you are unable to concentrate.

The best way to identify the true problems in your company is to use a business analytics solution. You can better manage your time by gaining a general understanding of your issues.

SCRS Analysis

SCRS is a crucial business analysis tool that the business analyst can use to assist your organization in finding the finest solutions. You can use SCRS to determine both the current state of your company and its future direction.

The term stands for the four stages of the procedure, which are strategy, your current situation, different requirements & the solution.

You need a powerful analytical tool to help you make decisions in addition to this business study. However, it is important to understand what these tools are and their purpose before making a decision.

Business Analytics Tools Explained

Business analysts gather quantitative or qualitative data from various business systems, store it in a storage environment, and analyze it using a variety of business analytics tools. Analysts could use data analysis in this way to make more informed choices.

Business analytics tools, such as statistical tools, forecasting models & data mining tools, are widely used in the industry. The application offers a summary of significant data that raises the effectiveness, output, and profitability of commercial operations.

The Use of Business Analytics Tools Is Important

Decision-making has advanced significantly thanks to a class of software known as business analytics tools. You can become more effective thanks to these ideas, and you can also improve your tactics.

We listed the following benefits of business analytics:

  • Improved Decision Making: Analytics are getting more and more important for modern enterprises. They aid in data analysis, choosing the insights that will increase profit for your business.
  • Personalized Customer Experience: You could examine user behavior on your website and utilize this information to enhance its functionality. Customers' loyalty can be increased by reminding them with a push message when they make a purchase from your website.
  • Fraudulent Purchases: Data may be used to spot fraudulent purchases, and predictive analytics can be used to examine client profiles and assess risk. The application of business analytics technologies can facilitate this procedure.
  • Reduced Employee Turnover: When employees leave, you typically lose a lot of money immediately. Analytics tools can be used by your HR team to track an employee's development and level of job satisfaction, as well as to assess whether or not they might fit in with the company's culture. Finding long-term staff for your business will be simple after you know the answers to these questions.
  • How to Survive Uncertainty: Due to the global economic crisis, many businesses are having trouble and are waiting for things to get back to normal. You may use business analytics to help you adopt crisis management strategies, overcome process obstacles, and more.

Investment in business analytics is required in light of all these contemporary business challenges.

Some appreciated business tools you might consider purchasing:

SAS Business Analyst

Users of the SAS-based business analytics software can effectively evaluate disorganized text data. Additionally, it adds pertinent data to your research that you might not have found otherwise.

You may fully meet your analytics needs with the help of the high-end software tools available from SAS. Additionally, the business analytics platform provides future forecasts that support speedy future decision-making for your firm.


Because of its distinctive characteristics, including patented technology and in-memory processing, that helps generate reports for ultra-fast delivery, QlikView is one of the most widely used business analytics tools.

QlikView is a productive and affordable choice if your business offers a business analyst solution on the market. Users may be considerably more precise and narrowly focused in their discovery because of its cutting-edge data visualization.


Due to its industry-leading business analytics approach, Board is included on the list of the best business analytics software solutions. For business leaders and brand owners who must be well-prepared for their market, Board delivers interactive and user-friendly data and dashboards.

The simplicity of business analytics has never been greater! We give you the greatest tools for your company and access to useful data so you can analyze and make decisions more effectively.

A business analytics solution from Board can handle a lot of data and assist you in creating precise projections. Additionally, it is interactive, making it simple for you to change the data.


Sisense offers robust text analysis features that let users get the most out of their unstructured text.

In its own analytics platform, Sisense utilizes language and computational statistics. Sisense enables users to undertake creative analysis, visualization, and forecasting of complicated data in order to gain a better understanding of what the future holds for your company.


One of the most popular business analytics tools in small and medium-sized businesses is Splunk. It was initially released to process data from machine log files, but it has since gained many complex capabilities, along with a user-friendly interface.

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