Focus on your business while we do the tech heavy-lifting








Web development

We build highly available and easily scalable websites and web applications for your creative start-ups and businesses. Our preferred technology stack is Node.js, Loopback, Angular.

Distributed web applications

SaaS and Cloud Computing

Custom websites for any business

E-commerce and Marketplaces

Native Mobile App Development

We develop native mobile applications that will attract users and provide revenue. SWIFT and Kotlin are our languages of choice, but Objective-C and Java are still used when needed.

FinTech and Business apps

Image and video processing

Dating mobile apps

UI & UX Design

We design user experiences and interfaces for mobile applications and websites that convert visitors into customers.

Market Research & Analysis


Information Architecture

User Interface Design apps


Animations and Microinteractions


Through carefully thought DevOps we increase your organisation’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity.

Deployment pipelines and streamlined deployment flows

Realtime monitoring and system status notifications

Highly available and scalable systems

360-degree Amazon Web Services Solutions and Integrations

Automated scaling based on load and disaster recovery

Big Data, BI and Automation

We build fast, actionable & insights-driven BI apps which will help you make smarter decisions with confidence.

ETL pipelines

Data visualisation tools

Custom analytics

Business Intelligence tools

Data warehouses and cold storage

Quality Assurance

Our dedicated QA team will make sure your app or website launch goes smooth and that no defects are present in your products.

Defects and Test Cases Management

User Documentation Testing

Performance and Stress Testing

PCI DSS Compliance and Security Testing

Migration Testing

3rd Party Compliance

We build solutions for our partners

  • Reliable

    Our QA team constantly betters their expertise so we can eliminate even the smallest bugs. We check for bugs in business logic and in the general codebase.

  • Secure

    We use various types of encryption and protocols to make your apps secure, whether you’re developing a mobile banking app or a HIPAA-compliant medical platform that stores sensitive data.

  • Maintainable

    We invest time and knowledge into designing your app’s architecture to achieve maintainability and scalability. Using a multi-tiered architecture allows us to improve separate parts of the code as needed.