Introducing the
LBS EdgeSuite Project

A native app developed to help businesses gather location data, EdgeSuite allows for GPS tracking while maintaining the optimal balance between accuracy, reliability, and battery consumption.

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Cutting-Edge Location Tracking

EdgeSuite is a native mobile app developed to help businesses acquire real-time and historical location data of employees and business assets.

The app is designed to run continuously in the background while consuming as little battery life as possible: less than 1% per hour. This is achieved by detecting if the device is moving or not, optimizing accuracy levels, and making sure the minimum system resources are properly utilized. Read more on our blog.

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Background Location Tracking

Once turned on, the app runs unobtrusively in the background, exploiting the device’s location tracking hardware to relay highly accurate GPS coordinates.


Energy Efficiency

EdgeSuite monitors whether the device is in motion and constantly optimizes its accuracy parameters, resulting in average battery consumption of only 1% per hour.


Highly Reliable

Running apps in the background can present technical challenges. We used a combination of native features and push notifications to ensure the app always responds when needed.

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Work Schedules

Enable app features only when needed, with built-in flexibility to define variable timeframes.

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Custom Configurations

EdgeSuite makes it easy to configure custom branding, working schedules, tracking options, and other settings. These parameters can also be updated remotely with the web API.

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The EdgeSuite native mobile app is designed to support English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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Panic Mode

If an employee is in danger, panic mode notifies the authorities and business headquarters immediately.

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