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LBS EdgeSuite Project

A mobile native application developed as part of location based service solution, EdgeSuite allows for GPS tracking while keeping a balance between battery consumption, accuracy and reliability.

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State of the art background location tracking

EdgeSuite is a native mobile application for iOS and Android developed to help businesses acquire real-time and historical location data for their resources at any time or anywhere.

The mobile application uses an advanced background location tracking system to run continuously in the background while consuming as less battery as possible: less than 1% per hour. This is being achieved by detecting if the device is moving or not, adjusting the accuracy and making sure the minimum system resources are used. Read more about this on our blog.

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Background location tracking

Once started the application will use all the available location tracking hardware to get the most accurate GPS coordinates while seamlessly running in the background.


Low battery consumption

Even though EdgeSuite is always running in the background it consumes as little battery as possible. The battery consumption is optimised to an average of about 1% per hour or lower.


Highly reliable

On both iOS and Android running in the background is a challenging feature so we are using a combination of native features and push notifications to make sure the app is there when you need it.

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Work schedules

Enable the app’s features only when needed with increased flexibility for defining time frames.

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Configurations for all scenarios

EdgeSuite is easy to configure with custom branding, work schedules, tracking options and other settings. These can also be updated remotely, via the web API.

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The EdgeSuite mobile app supports multiple languages like English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Panic mode

If the employee or family member is in danger Panic mode can be activated and all responsible parties will be notified immediately.

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