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Georeach Emergency App


GeoReach Emergency App is a sophisticated yet simple to use mobile phone app that periodically sends your location and battery level though a military grade encrypted connection to a Control Room, where security personnel can monitor your safety in realtime.

In case of an unfortunate event the SOS function can be triggered and it will allow the application to record audio and take images of your surroundings without any other user interaction.

Some of the most important app features include:

– battery optimisations, capable of consuming as little as 0.3% per hour, while keeping track of the user in realtime;

– full offline functionality, all records and events are transmitted to the server when connectivity is reestablished;

– military grade secure data transfer for both location and chat (end-to-end encryption on chat);

– module separation, chat, tracking and notifications function independently;

– redundant and backup systems, tracking can be requested by the server or initiated by the device.

The application was deployed for several security firms and was rebranded in accordance to the clients requirements.

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