Welcome to the DayDate Project

DayDate is a French online dating service that needed help getting their product on the market in the shortest possible time frame. We worked with them to develop a native mobile app and a Node.js backend in less than four months. This process included code quality checks and multiple user feedback rounds.

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How it Works

DayDate was built as a native iOS app. Behind the scenes, the app is serviced by a robust cloud-based Node.js/Loopback API. The front-end was developed using Angular, which allows for complex, eye-catching animations that enrich the user experience.

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Find Locals

Location-based services allow users to find potential dates nearby.

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Connect with the other peers inside the app and chat.

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Invite People

Browse through the social network and choose whom to invite.

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Use the app and meet new people around you.

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Location Services

Location tracking combined with Yelp data helps users easily find the best place for a date.

Social Media Integration

DayDate integrates both Instagram and Facebook APIs, allowing users to sign up faster.

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We tailored the design of the app so it would look flawless in both English and French.


Payments are seamlessly handled using Apple’s in-app purchasing system.


Benjamin Azogui,

CEO DayDate

“I’m very satisfied with their work. HyperSense Software is responsive and proactive.”

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