With the help of Flutter and a solid partnership we developed an integrated solution for truck drivers that handle special transports

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The app for check-ins in the fast lane.

The driver app Wallet enables a significantly accelerated provision of information for carrying out a registration or a check-in at an industrial location.

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Key features

Features make or break an app. Below you can find some of the features that stand out for this app.

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Well organized documents

Interface with a clean design

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Find everything that you are looking for and more. All documents are at your fingertips and process is greatly improved.

Simple and secure login

Leveraging the integrated biometrics

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Fingerprint and Face ID can be used to unlock your account and validate the documents fast. No more old school signatures needed

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Full control of information

With the help of digitalisation

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In order the transfer all the information to the ERP systems, one needs only to scan a QR code. Everything else just falls into place when used along with Asset and vCard.

Some of the stats

We follow closely on the progress of the app even after launch. Below are some stats that we think are important for the success of the app.

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Documents digitalised since launch


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Time improvement for document release

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