Sipergy - VoIP Mobile App Development: iOS and Android Solution

About the project

At HyperSense Software, we pride ourselves on developing cutting-edge software solutions, and our latest project, Sipergy, is no exception. Sipergy is a state-of-the-art VoIP mobile app designed for both iOS and Android platforms, offering users the ability to make free calls within the Sipergy VoIP network, as well as affordable paid calls to any cellular or landline in the world.

Key Features of the Sipergy VoIP Mobile App

To ensure Sipergy delivers the best possible user experience, we've integrated a range of innovative features, including:

  1. Google Translate Integration: Sipergy's seamless Google Translate integration allows users to communicate effortlessly in multiple languages, eliminating language barriers and making it the perfect VoIP solution for international users.
  2. Find Free WiFi Feature: By leveraging native map integration, Sipergy helps users locate free WiFi hotspots nearby, enabling them to save on data usage and stay connected, even when they're on the go.
  3. Social Integration: Sipergy's built-in Facebook and Twitter integration allow users to easily share their experiences and invite friends to join the Sipergy VoIP network.
  4. Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech: This feature enhances accessibility and user experience by converting spoken words into text and vice versa, making communication easier for users with hearing or speech impairments.

HyperSense Software's Role in Sipergy's Development

As a leading software development company, HyperSense Software provided end-to-end solutions for the Sipergy project, including:

  • UI/UX design: Our design team created an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless experience for Sipergy users;
  • iOS and Android app development: We developed the Sipergy app using native technologies for both platforms, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility;
  • Quality assurance and testing: Our QA team rigorously tested the app to ensure a bug-free experience and full compliance with industry standards;
  • Ongoing support and updates: HyperSense Software continues to provide ongoing support and updates, ensuring that Sipergy remains at the forefront of VoIP technology.

Expanded expertise in the VoIP industry

Through the effective use of knowledge and abilities in performing the transition from conception to implementation and beyond to one of our other projects, LlamaCUBA, HyperSense has successfully expanded its expertise in the VoIP industry. Our software development team managed to create top-notch mobile apps, with great UX and highly responsive.

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VoIP Mobile App - Numpad Screen
VoIP iOS Mobile App - Features Screen


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