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About Flutter

Flutter is a Google software development kit (SDK). It allows for the rapid design of robust and scalable cross-platform apps for mobile, web, and desktop.


When HyperSense builds a Flutter app, we also handle third-party integrations with providers of push notifications, cloud computing, payment services, and more.


Dozens of integrations available

Dozens more added periodically


Native feature support

Flutter supports most native iOS and Android features, allowing apps built with Flutter to access tools like device cameras and accelerometers that mobile websites cannot

Tech benefits

Some of the benefits when developing with Flutter.

Business orientated

Shipping beautiful UIs and experiences fast means that your business plan stays on track and you can iterate fast with the learnings gathered.

Out of the box security

With support from Google, Flutter has a focus on improved security from the start. Biometric authentication methods come by default when building with Flutter.

Results overview

Flutter’s widgets are optimised for performance on both Android and iOS Platforms.

Beautiful UIs

Good design does not cause friction with your users. Flutter provides just that, a way to create nice experiences.

Instant updates

Combining the power of widgets with a rapid development cycle, Flutter allows to see the updated implementation instantly.

Powerful backend

Flutter offers a range of options to use as a backend. From Node.js microservices to BaaS solutions such as Firebase.

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