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AI is a Game Changer for Every Industry

by Dragos Ruse
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AI Game Changer Every Industry HyperSense

The ways in which AI is changing every industry

You come into contact with artificial intelligence (AI) in a variety of ways every day without ever realizing it. However this belief is eroding as AI becomes more pervasive in our daily life, many people still associate AI with dystopian science fiction scenarios. The term AI is now widely used; in certain situations, it is even present in homes.

The idea of AI has been around for a while, but it has only recently gained acceptance in society at large. Significant advancement in the creation of an AI system and its technological realization took decades.

AI adoption is soaring among businesses, with 31% already using it and 43% expressing interest in doing so. Data securitycustomer service, and process automation are the three sectors where AI is most frequently employed.

AI technologies are crucial for preserving a competitive edge as they grow in terms of popularity among users every day. This blog article will examine how implementing artificial intelligence can increase consumer satisfaction and business productivity.

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Before analyzing how AI technologies affect the corporate environment, “artificial intelligence” must be defined. Any computer program that performs actions akin to those performed by humans, such as planninglearning, and problem-solving, is said to have artificial intelligence.

Let’s understand what type of AI is common in business, which increases efficiency, and improves services, in this article.

AI in the industries of today

Natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) are topics that are frequently discussed in the workplace today. This article will discuss some of the ways AI is affecting several industry sectors because many businesses are concerned about most of these new technologies and their consequences for the nature of employment in the future.


One of the industries where digital transformation has advanced most quickly is modern finance. Some financial procedures have been mostly or fully automated. In some areas of the economic process, AI technology has largely replaced human judgment. For instance, a bank must take into account a number of factors, such as the qualities of the borrower and the contract, while determining whether or not to give a loan. Read more about Tinka, the fintech mobile app we developed.

Another important task performed by the financial sector is portfolio management. It necessitates an appropriate risk/reward ratio and precise market volatility forecasts. AI systems can assist you in making diversified, uncorrelated investing decisions that can lower your risk/reward ratio and forecast market fluctuations which you could profit from.

AI is used in finance by the following companies:

  • Numerai 
  • Fount
  • Kreditech
  • Skyline AI
  • Alpha Sense
  • Socure
  • Lingxi
  • High Radius


One may expect that since AI is a direct byproduct of the information technology industry, that’s where most of its applications are found. AI can be included in computer code, Websites, any software, mobile applications, business systems, or other computer programs. The telecommunications industry, which is closely tied to AI, also uses it extensively.

For their primary business functions, sales, and marketing channels, a lot of online businesses rely on websites & mobile applications.

You can entice users to use chatbots and customized products by using AI. You can examine usage trends to identify potential areas for improvement and incorporate new artificial intelligence technologies into your website or mobile application. Also, it aids consumers in finding what they’re looking for, making purchases, or subscribing to services.

Voice assistants, chatbots, language learning applications, camera applications that support augmented reality or face editing, applications that connect customers with providers of goods and services, and other AI-based products are examples. These applications translate speech, text, and even AI-based video games. The potential applications of AI are numerous.

AI is used in technology by the following companies:

  • Amazon 
  • Alphabet
  • Google
  • Alibaba
  • Tesla
  • Apple
  • Baidu


Despite great scientific advancements, we still have a long way to go in understanding how living things function. This sector uses AI technology in a variety of ways, from medical research to disease diagnostics.

The most difficult part of making a diagnosis in medicine is figuring out the right testing regimen because a variety of diseases might cause many symptoms. The most complex cases can only be accurately diagnosed by the most skilled doctors since doing so requires an understanding of the symptoms that different conditions create and the tests that are used to find those symptoms.

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AI is used in healthcare by the following companies:

  • CloudMedX
  • Butterfly Network
  • Cleerly 
  • Caption Health
  • Ezra
  • Enlitic
  • Corti


Costs and productivity can be reduced with effective logistics. For instance, AI may assist you in making decisions about which suppliers to choose, when to dispatch drivers, what route to take, what vehicles to choose, how to pack shipments, where to find distribution centers, as well as how to sort packages. Such a complex operation frequently needs to be divided into smaller tasks that may be solved separately.

AI is used in logistics by the following companies:

  • Coupa
  • Infor
  • Symbotic
  • Epicor
  • Uptake
  • Covariant
  • HAVI


AI can potentially benefit the transportation sector. Self-driving cars and better options for today’s transportation issues will have an ongoing effect on this market.

The transportation sector is paying close attention to automotive suppliers as a result of advancements in driver assistance and autonomous driving. One of the most difficult problems to address with AI is autonomous driving, which includes the subproblems of perception, control, and navigation.

Based on a 3D image of the surrounding area and the desired location, a human-engineered control algorithm is employed to operate the vehicle’s pedals and steering. Computer vision, lidar, and pre-existing maps are used to portray the environment in three dimensions. The routes to take are then determined by a GPS navigation device.

Some applications of this technology do away with the preceding human-engineered process by using artificial intelligence to forecast vehicle control activations straight from visual inputs. Transportation corporations can run autonomous truck fleets using autonomous driving technology, significantly decreasing costs, allowing drivers to unwind during their commutes, and enabling them to use autonomous ride-sharing services. Also, as vehicle behavior becomes more predictable, autonomous driving technology will lower traffic fatalities and accidents.

AI is used in transport by the following companies:

  • Volvo
  • Continental
  • Tesla
  • Bolt
  • Uber
  • Zensors
  • Daimler


Whether guarding sensitive data or spotting hostile attacks, every business must maintain security. Artificial intelligence can be used to stop illegal access, including hacking and phishing.

At work, emails come in far too frequently these days. You should construct an additional layer of security in addition to safeguarding against phishing assaults in order to defend against them.

Moreover, servers in digital businesses are frequently targeted by outside attackers, and a significant amount of internet traffic is generated by bots. Bots can jeopardize corporate assets and put them at unnecessary risk. To ensure that your company’s systems run without a hitch, you must identify suspicious patterns and reduce the impact of bots.

AI is used in security by the following companies:

  • Crowdstrike
  • Tessian
  • Cynet
  • SparkCognition
  • FireEye
  • Cybereason
  • Darktrace


Parents and younger generations frequently spend a lot of money to get the best education possible because they understand how important education is to them. Also, the institutions have a strong incentive to spend in raising the caliber of their instruction while streamlining their internal processes.

Hence, the best educational institutions should make significant investments to make sure that students are on the right path to success when they graduate. To ensure that the right amount of students is engaged in every course and degree, institutions should carefully plan and analyze market data. This will help to ensure that the learned skills are up-to-date and in demand.

A lot of the monotonous chores that instructors currently complete can be automated using AI, freeing them up to concentrate on the important things. For instance, automated processes can be used to manage teaching materials, file paperwork, make progress reports, and grade tests and homework assignments.

AI is used in education by the following companies:

  • Duolingo
  • Cognii
  • Nuance
  • Century Tech
  • Blippar
  • Age of Learning
  • Century Tech 


The effects of CO2 emissions on the environment are becoming more and more of a concern for the energy sector. A system’s potential emissions within a specific time period can be estimated using AI.

Moreover, energy-related mechanical infrastructures are prone to failure, and faulty parts can waste a lot of time and money if they do. Yet, computer vision and analytics-powered AI can identify potential component flaws, cutting down on maintenance expenses.

From a short-term viewpoint, energy demand can be effectively predicted. This will assist you in comprehending your demand evolution and enable more proactive decision-making.

AI is used in energy by the following companies:

  • Autogrid
  • Google Deep Mind
  • Tiber
  • Siemens
  • Octopus Energy
  • Stem
  • Anova


Sports are getting more technologically sophisticated, not just in regards to the equipment that athletes use, but also in terms of how events are aired and how coaches employ artificial intelligence and sophisticated analysis methods to create winning strategies.

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It’s become common practice to examine video records of sporting events to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. Technology for object detection & pose estimation can be added to video files. This enables the collection of player data and the discovery of hidden trends across many games. One of many instances where coaches can learn how opponents get through defenses is strategy.

Moreover, computer vision technologies can be used to evaluate player performance. Teams can quickly acquire players whose value has increased tenfold or a hundredfold by using this method. The player analysis is frequently used to anticipate match results, and bettors are progressively leaning on this technology to increase the accuracy of their forecasts. Then you can create technologies to find new, talented players and predict games.

AI is used in sports by the following companies:

  • Zone7
  • Wingfield
  • BuddyUp
  • Run Motion
  • VEO
  • Homecourt


The AI market for travel & tourism is growing every day. The most recent AI technologies are employed for a variety of tasks, including route optimization, airport security checks, as well as speedy responses to visitor requests.

In this industry, AI-based recommendation engines have a variety of obvious applications, but they are also essential for boosting sales and retaining your devoted clients. Automate your recommendations to get the most out of your current customer data, for instance, if you own an online travel agency.

AI is used in travel by the following companies:

  • Tripadvisor
  • Outdoorsy
  • Skyscanner
  • Hyatt


The general public is aware that since AI technology has taken over the private sector, the public sector should likewise begin digitizing parts of its services and activities. Furthermore, because nations own and have access to vast amounts of data that could be utilized to make better judgments, data-driven decision-making can be applied at the national level. Investments in technological developments that enhance the lives of millions of people and provide billions in returns are in the best interests of governments.

Governments can use only national data to make data-driven choices. To evaluate factors such as industrial productivity, employment, income distribution, imports & exports, housing, accessibility to education, health, consumer spending, and other factors, governments commonly use sophisticated socioeconomic models.

As each of these distributions is related to the others, accurate modeling of them requires computer aid. These computer models can be created and modified to best fit the data, enabling testing and the planning of new projects and investments.

Infrastructure is important for preserving social order. Transportation, healthcare, security, education, electricity, telecoms, water distribution, and other infrastructure are all included in this category. AI can create specialized tools to maintain the functionality of the public infrastructure. Examples include tracking and managing public transportation, budgeting for hospitals and schools, effectively allocating security budgets, effectively managing the production and distribution of water and energy, equitably dispersing the workload across telecommunication networks, as well as many more.

Governments may now easily leverage AI technologies, like:

– MissingLink

– IBM Watson

– Amazon Machine Learning

– CortexAI

– Amazon Machine Learning

– Empower AI


AI applications have a lot to offer the building industry. By predicting building times and prices, AI can increase planning process efficiency and reduce planning time. A new project’s budget and timeline can be precisely predicted using AI technology if there is enough data from past projects available.

Data analysis can help you understand the performance of the team and provide ideas for how to develop projects more effectively.

By identifying potential problems in the future and alerting the team before they arise, predictive algorithms can reduce unexpected events and conserve time and resources.

AI is used in construction by the following companies:

  • Versatile
  • Dusty Robotics
  • Air Works
  • BuildStream
  • Caidio
  • Nyfty.ai
  • Kwant.ai


The retail industry was significantly affected by the digital revolution, and owing to AI technology, it is still changing today. AI applications in retail include e-commerce and personalized product suggestions in addition to optimizing, monitoring, and automating traditional businesses.

The user experience in online retailers can be improved by recommendations and suggestions generated by AI systems. Virtual try-on rooms incorporating augmented reality, speech recognition, and computer vision are some more recent AI uses. This aids customers in finding things through verbal or visual searches to help them locate additional items that have the same appearance.

So, the nature of traditional retail establishments is changing thanks to AI. Robotic assistants are used to directing consumers to the things they want in addition to cashier-free stores that monitor customers’ baskets to determine the items they want. And to improve the shopping experience for customers, retail companies are using behavior-tracking technologies to optimize their store layouts.

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AI is used in retail by the following companies:

  • Lowes
  • Walgreens
  • McDonald’s
  • Amazon
  • Bloomreach
  • Intel
  • IBM
  • Pinterest


But, we already know that by increasing company productivity, AI has the power to fundamentally alter the way we operate. Because unstructured data is simpler to understand, it makes corporate operations more effective and aids in the detection of fraud. Thus, it’s critical to get sectors ready for the introduction of AI and demonstrate how it could improve operations. As the majority of participants are ignorant of its capabilities, it is imperative that firms start investigating the advantages right away. The better the experience will be if they have capable partners that can help them navigate within artificial intelligence.

Use these AI solutions to your advantage to set up your company for the future since they will increase your productivity, connectivity, and adaptability like never before. Check out our blog Dedicated Development Teams. How Does the Partnership Work to find out why hiring a dedicated development team at HyperSense makes sense for your business.

AI is used in the takeaway industry by the following companies:

  • Tastewise
  • Glovo
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens


Little improvements in operational efficiency can result in large cost savings and increased revenue because manufacturing has some of the most complicated processes and slimmest profit margins. To make these improvements, automation, and quality control are only two examples of areas that can be enhanced and automated.

The production of practically any product must include a vital stage called quality control. Visual inspection is crucial for guaranteeing that products are free of defects. You can reliably complete this task without the need for time-consuming human labor by using a camera & computer vision technologies. Your products can be removed from the manufacturing line for manual inspection if these systems are able to find flaws in them.

In manufacturing, sophisticated machinery is routinely used. A gadget that doesn’t require maintenance for the whole of its lifespan is often more expensive than a machine that frequently has to have parts replaced since it uses consumables. Businesses must avoid scheduling check-ups too regularly to cause maintenance expenditures to be unaffordable or too seldom to cause machine failure and increased repair costs.

Predictive Maintenance is a more advantageous substitute. In order to prevent costly preventive maintenance and repairs, it can offer technologies that allow for the real-time monitoring of machine data and the ability to forecast when a machine will malfunction.

AI is used in manufacturing by the following companies:

  • Nvidia
  • Microsoft
  • Ei
  • Alphabet
  • Siemens 
  • IBM
  • Intel


Farmers may increase agricultural yields and make plans for the future by utilizing AI to forecast crop production. AI solutions can be used to gather information on resource usage, such as how much water and electricity are used, and to cut down on possible waste.

Moreover, crop disease detection and containment are possible with computer vision. Understanding crop health will help you reap long-term rewards and lessen the effects of unfavorable occurrences. 

AI is used in agriculture by the following companies:

  • Agribolo
  • FarmWise
  • Hortau
  • Iron OX
  • Blue River Technology
  • Cropin

Real Estate

Each real estate broker will benefit greatly from the real estate market’s potential transformation thanks to digitalization. Automating property values makes it simpler for sellers to agree to advertise their homes, and by making digital replicas of them, purchasers may focus their search and schedule fewer viewings. Real estate brokers are able to manage more transactions concurrently and successfully close each one as a result, enabling you to lower broker commissions.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can develop tools to automate many business processes, including property evaluations, document processing, client communications, and the creation of digital, immersive models of your properties so customers can explore your website and have a realistic experience.

AI is used in real estate by the following companies:

  • House Canary
  • Compass
  • Zillow
  • Redfin
  • Localize
  • CareLogic

Visit HyperSense-Software.com right away to position yourself for success if you’re really interested in preparing your company for the future, as it will enhance performance and growth and allow you to offer the greatest and most personalized service to your clients. Contact us and choose our complete services to boost your idea to fruition by designing & developing your app. 

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