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R&D and Mobile Application Development:
US-based Telematics Giant, KORE

US-based tech giant, KORE, sought to improve their location-based services by integrating advanced mobile app solutions with their established IoT services.

In partnership with KORE's Illinois product team, we developed the LBS EdgeSuite app, emphasizing real-time location accuracy, ultra-low battery consumption (0.3% per hour), and optimized operations.

The outcome was a transformative app for iOS and Android, reinforcing KORE's leadership in the IoT sector, demonstrating our dedication to refining LBS EdgeSuite, boosting user engagement, and enhancing KORE's status in the location-based service market.

US-based Telematics Giant, KORE

Increasing User Engagement & Acquisition through Mobile App Development:
A Dutch FinTech's Journey

Dutch FinTech company Tinka, aimed to to ramp up user engagement and acquisition. Collaborating closely, we crafted a user-focused mobile app, characterized by its intuitive interface and diverse payment functionalities.

This app now boasts over 1,000 daily users, and 50,000 monthly engagements, and generates upwards of EUR 300,000 weekly. With impressive ratings of 4.8 on the App Store and a perfect 5.0 on Google Play, it has notably amplified Tinka's revenue, solidified their market stance, and enhanced their brand visibility.

A Dutch FinTech's Journey

Fueling Nimble Beauty's Growth:
Mobile App Development

After securing $1.8M on Kickstarter, Nimble Beauty aspired to transform nail care by integrating a mobile app with their cutting-edge IoT AI-driven nail printing gadget.

Collaborating with their teams in New York and Israel, we utilized Flutter and AWS CDK to craft an app emphasizing integration ease, timely updates, and superior user interaction.

This joint venture culminated in a premium app, elevating Nimble Beauty's reputation in the beauty industry, increasing user involvement, and solidifying their foothold in the intelligent nail salon arena.

Mobile App Development

Boosting Online Presence & Sales:
Transforming Autoklass's Web Platform

Romanian Mercedes-Benz dealership, Autoklass, sought to modernize their high-traffic website without an in-house IT team. Teaming up with HyperSense, we developed a custom e-commerce platform using Angular with SSR, integrating with Automaster, eMag, and Autovit.

This collaboration, enhanced by Roland Berger, led to increased traffic, with 1 million organic views and 40,000 monthly engagements. The platform also expanded Autoklass's revenue avenues and improved operational efficiency through automation.

Transforming Autoklass's Web Platform

Chemical Transport Digital Transformation:
Trusted Carrier’s App Ecosystem

German firm Trusted Carrier envisioned digitalizing the chemical transport's document flow with a secure, integrated app ecosystem. Collaborating with their Munich team since 2016, our Agile-Scrum approach led to user-focused mobile apps and a sophisticated backend. The result? Improved efficiency, engaging over 500 carriers across 13 countries, and partnerships with giants like BASF and Henkel. These innovations lay the groundwork for future growth and product evolution.

Trusted Carrier’s App Ecosystem

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