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Mobile App Engagement & User Retention

by Dragos Ruse
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Mobile app engagement and user retention Hypersense

For mobile app businesses the most valuable key performance metric is the mobile app engagement, the higher it is the better experiences it brings for its users and the positive impact can be seen on your company’s revenue. Success is not all about high engagement, it’s also about user retention and what keeps them happy, what makes them come back to your great app.

App Engagement

If you want to know how frequent users engage with your company’s app, you’re looking for a measure called Engagement. The popularity of your app is determined by engagement KPIs and the best way to improve your user engagement is to better understand what it is and how it works. The actions a user takes within an app, the time spent on a usage session as well as the frequency of opening the app are the most common KPIs that measure the app’s engagement.

User Retention for Apps

When users develop a behavior of returning frequently to use your app, that is called Retention. As you may already know, customer loyalty is key for the success of your business and in this case, of your app. The strength of your app’s user database to penetrate the market is determined by the user retention and this number will influence you in making aware decisions to make them spend more time on the app, to come back more often, to bring their friends to your app and in this way your user retention will improve significantly.

How to Improve User Engagement

When the app’s users aren’t feeling satisfied, low engagement sets in to indicate that fact. You enrich the quality of your app by offering what your users want and this is how you can improve engagement. You always have to think of new ways and ideas to help you improve user engagement if your average user opens the app only a few times, even if your retention rate might be high. So keep that in mind while happy users will keep your app & brand in their minds, maybe in their hearts too. 

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Try adding Live Chat Support

In the customer service field or in other relevant ones you can transform users into loyal customers or even fans of the brand through a live chat integration where people who seek help will get it fast through instant responses. This way your app will be able to solve most of the problems right away and users will be satisfied for the time gained and the support provided. 

Try Social Integration

Mobile apps become popular due to their social experience character that stimulates people to interact with each other and share their opinions on a product or brand from all around the globe in a unified environment: the mobile app. So social integration with cool features is recommended to tighten the user relationships as well as improving their engagement with the app.

Try Improving the Overall Experience

You can frequently improve the overall user experience for your app as a method of user engagement growth. Of course that users will return more often if they enjoy the experience of using your app, if they bring their friends to the app by telling them how awesome the features are, what they like most, how they use it, when they use it. You can find out what are the most enjoyable features of the app and enhance them, you can also improve the features that are less enjoyable or you can find out what new features would the users like and build them the new ones they were asking for. Also refreshing the design periodically will keep the users interested and curious. 

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Try Integrating Gamification

You can invite your users to interact with the app through certain creative elements or campaigns or even small games that stimulate them to participate and encourage their interaction with each other or with the app itself. By offering them something new to do, they will be interested in engaging and this can be measured to provide valuable information about their behavior, very helpful in improving the app engagement rate.

How to Improve User Retention

You will find it’s important to retain your users when you’ll be building your app with a reliable partner like HyperSense Software. We will provide you with all the expertise needed to enhance the user experience, to simplify the learning process of the new features added or to predict their future needs and respond to them quickly. 

Simplify the User Experience

In order to get the most out of your app, keep in mind that a simplified user interface will make it easy for the users to enjoy your app while learning how it works. If the process of using the app is easy, the users will feel satisfied by finding what they need, do what they want and eventually enjoy the result of their interaction with the app.  

Simplify the User Responsiveness

The user retention is determined by their ease in doing what they desire, choosing what to do in a simplified manner from what the app can offer in terms of possibilities. If the app’s navigation is fast, if all the features work well and accomplish what they were built for, the users will find a good reason to come back to the app and this is something to be focused on while improving the user retention as well as user engagement. 

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Simplify the usability of the app

If your user retention is low, it might be due to the app’s interface that is perceived as complicated. The smooth navigation and simplicity of using the app’s features will always win the hearts of the users. They will want to use the app more often if they’re provided with useful information, accessible simply by interacting with the app whenever searching for something they need.

Transform Your Idea in an App

If you have the idea of an app and you want to make it come true, don’t hesitate to reach us. We are a team of professionals with vast experience in building from scratch successful Mobile & Web apps for companies worldwide, from enterprises to startups. We will customize the design & development on your needs and wants, on your idea that we’ll transform together in a thriving business. 

Contact us to find out more about what we do and how we can help you!

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