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iOS/Android Fun-tastic Words Game


iOS/Android Fun-tastic Words Game rewards cooperation, awarding points to both the giver and the solver, if a solution is found.

The giver’s role is to describe a word chosen from one of the several categories available. Once a word is chosen, the puzzle can be built using one or more of the options: sound, video, crossword puzzle, drawing or photo.

Each of the puzzles came with feature and development challenges. Videos and photos needed to be accessible from both iOS and Android.

For the drawing option, the user has colour packages, multiple brushes and brush sizes to choose from.

Recording and playback synchronizes the sound with a ripple animation.

Crossword puzzles offer custom autocomplete and spellchecks.

In order to offer the best user experience, custom animations were included. The animations were designed not to distract the user, but to offer some added fun..

The social component was also taken into account, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ were implemented, allowing the user to play with his friends and followers and expand his group by inviting new friends.

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