Is a complete overview of assets possible in real-time? Yes, with Flutter that challenge is overcome fast and with reduced costs.

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Complete fleet control at a glance

The companion app made especially for Kore Wireless clients which allows them to connect and view in real time the position of their assets.

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Key features

Features make or break an app. Below you can find some of the features that stand out for this app.

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Layered data display

Update the app interface based on your needs

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The user can choose between 3 types of display modes based on his needs. Each type of card can be expanded to view even more information sent by the fleet assets.

Asset tracking in real time

Using the Google Maps API

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The Fleet manager can view the exact position of his assets at any time. Not only that but we incorporated Street View also, to make sure that dispatchers can guide drivers in the best way possible

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Fleet overview

Designed with ease of access in mind

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Working with fleets of over 2000 vehicles does not have to be a painful experience. Flutter allows fast data load times and everything moves swift and lean

Some of the stats

We follow closely on the progress of the app even after launch. Below are some stats that we think are important for the success of the app.

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Reduced costs of operation overall

3 continents

Used all over the world


User retention

102k +

Vehicles in fleet management

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