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Nexflix, LinkedIn, Uber and many high-profile software companies use Node.js for developing their primary applications.

Because Node.js is fast to develop with, secure, lightweight, scalable and allows for a unified code base for both frontend and backend.


Every month now, another enterprise-level company reveals that it’s been successful using Node.js in its operations.

Node.js became the go-to technology for most of Fortune 500 companies which highlights the maturation of the technology within this type of organization.

Technical Partnership Why building your solution with Node.js is a win:

Unified codebase for both frontend and backend

Using the same programming language (JavaScript) on both frontend and backend enhances internal communication and the understanding of the product as a whole.

Node.js is lightning fast

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime powered by Google’s V8 engine which compiles the JavaScript in native code. It helped Netflix reduce their main system’s the startup time by 70%.

High Performance

By using Node.js PayPal decreased the response time of the API to 35% which resulted in pages being served 200ms faster.

Easy Monitory and Debugging

One of the things that makes Node.js uniquely suited to running in production is that you can inspect and change a program without restarting it. So very few other languages offer that capability.
Matt Ranney, UBER

Strong Corporate Support

The founding members of the Node.js organization are Microsoft, SAP, Fidelity, PayPal and IBM.

Great Development Community

Node.js is the most used framework based on stackoverflow’s 2019 insights.

Great Dependency Management

The Node Package Manager (NPM) is the world's largest Software Registry.

Technology stackBuilding your solutions with market-proven technology stack.

Developing secure, scalable and reliable backends with LoopBack, an IBM Node.js framework

IBM backed, enterprise-ready server-side Node.js framework

LoopBack apps handle much higher load using less hardware

Enables developers to reduce the time needed to build complex APIs

Loopback has connectors for enterprise legacy systems like DB2, Oracle, MSSQL

Enables API developers to easily write micro-services

Delivering a great user experience by developing with Angular, a Google backed framework

Google backed frontend framework, focused on developer productivity, speed and testability

Component-based architecture that provides a higher quality of code

Angular has great readability, reusability and maintainability

It uses TypeScript, providing better tooling, cleaner code, and higher scalability

RxJS: efficient, asynchronous programming

TECHNICAL SOLUTIONSWith Node.js we can develop any kind of web application. You name it, we can build it.





BI Tools



Video Processing

Micro Services


Game Servers

Social Media

What makes our Node.js web apps great?








Highly Usable

Cloud SolutionsDeploying Node.js Web Applications on AWS

Great Node.js web apps also need to be perfectly served to their users. We prefer AWS for deployments, but we can also use any other hosting service.

Automated and seamless deployments and integration (CI & CD)

Development and infrastructure systems are seamlessly connected through deployment pipelines allowing us to automatically run tests, created builds and deploy code updates.

Safe and zero-downtime deployments in production

All applications require a fast and issue-free delivery. New features need to be delivered to the end-user fast and without issues. Our process is optimised for no-downtime deployments.

Auto-scaling hosting environments

All our web environments are scalable and respond automatically to changes in traffic. This way the hosting costs are optimised for the actual traffic while the users get the best experience.

Fault-tolerant and auto-recoverable hosting environments

In the rare cases of a fault the environments can react and recover automatically. Logs are saved for analysis and everyone involved in the development gets notified about the issue.

24/7 automated monitoring and issue reporting

All servers are monitored 24/7 and logs are being streamed to storage and analysis systems. This helps both development and product teams deliver the best experience to the end-user.



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