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Uber, Booking, Tinder and many other businesses are using native mobile applications. The reasons they chose native mobile apps are security, performance and the best mobile experience for their users.


Native mobile app development for every platform

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  • Wearables

Go Native

Native mobile apps allow you to focus on growing your business. If your business depends on the mobile app, go native.

We are your business partner

Our transparency goes to the point of you becoming a part of our expert team. Your business problems become ours and the solutions we deliver are efficient and very fast.

Technical Partnership Why Native Mobile App Development is a Win:

Great user experience

Users spend more and are better retained by mobile apps with great user experience.

Direct and full access to hardware

Only native mobile applications can fully access the device’s hardware features.

Great security

Native mobile apps depend directly on iOS and Android’s SDKs which are mature and secure.

High performance

Native apps are highly performance because they are running directly on the native layer.

Require little maintenance

Developers need to spend less time maintaining native apps compared to cross-platform ones.

Can run offline

Native mobile applications can run offline, facilitating usage in remote areas or even during commute.

Easier debugging and monitoring

Easier debugging reduces the development time and increases the application’s quality.

Easy and safe deployment

Native mobile code is easy to build and can be deployed to App Store and Google Play without worries.

Why HyperSense? End-to-end native mobile app development company

We deliver native mobile applications from scratch, letting you focus on your business

Developing native mobile apps since 2008

We are developing native mobile applications for iOS since 2008 and Android since 2009. Our team is specialised in developing mobile applications of any scale, from MVPs to complex mobile solutions.

UI/UX design for mobile

We work with in-house designers to create customised designs, unique for each application. We focus on creating meaningful experiences that delight users. Our team spends time polishing every detail, from animations to smooth transitions to get to a polished

Up-to-date technologies

The technologies we are using are kept up to date within months from their official releases. We were one of the first native mobile apps development companies to adopt SWIFT and Kotlin for native application development. Staying up to date ensures great performance, security and reliability over time.

Cross-domain team collaboration

All our team works under the same roof. iOS, Android, web developers are working together with our UI/UX designers to develop the best product. All our developers and designers benefit from our collective knowledge and skill set.


  • iOS
  • Node.js
  • Social apps

Enabling start-ups to fast track their launch by developing mobile app MVPs

DayDate is a French online dating service that needed help getting their product on the market in the shortest time frame possible. Working together we developed a native mobile application and a Node.js backend in less than 4 months, a time frame that included multiple reviews and rounds of feedback on the product. You can read our customers’ review by click here.

Apps Developing from MVPs and complex native mobile apps for all business sectors







Image processing






Social Networks



Augmented Reality

Native mobile applications powered by powerful backends

Great native mobile apps require solid, secure and performant backends. We’re developing the backends using the latest, enterprise-ready Node.js frameworks, like IBM backed Loopback.



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