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We are developing customised solutions, both web and mobile apps, for enterprises.


Increase your business agility through tailor-made software solutions

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16 years of experience delivering best-in-class software development services

Custom solutions for every platform

Backend Services
Mobile apps
Business Process Automation

Case Studies Why building your solution with Node.js is a win:

Business Intelligence

Mobile Startup Scoring App

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Node.js

Business Intelligence

BLEEE - Business Cards App

  • iOS
  • Node.js

Businesses perform better when using custom software

Support or automate unique business processes and transactions

Handle information and data specific to an industry or line of business

Meet unique privacy and security requirements

Facilitate integration with legacy applications and data

Replace or help consolidate existing solutions at lower cost

Replace or help consolidate existing solutions to achieve greater productivity

Enable new opportunities or improve competitive advantage

Grow and adapt to changing requirements

Technology stack Building your solutions with market-proven technology stack.

Industries Understanding your business is our top priority.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • Content Management System

  • E-commerce and M-commerce

  • Image & Video Processing

  • Automotive

  • Security Instructions



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